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The world is getting smaller…

Whenever michael tells me to smile I just end up laughing..
I’m pretty sure in this moment I spotted a cute guy that walked by…
Look at my shoooooes… that was literally my thought in this pose..


A side note: ALL of these items are now in the sale!! Can grab yourself a wee bargain! 

Jacket: River Island

(They have it in the Curves section too, I’ve linked the Petite version for my other shorties!)

Dress: Zara

Belt: Asos, Glamorous 

Shoes: Asos, RAID

Hat: Primark

Ever meet someone from a chapter in your past suddenly come into your present when you least expect it? Well that happened to me… twice!


As I am in my makeshift office set up typing this out which consists of my four main ingredients to a successful authentic blog post; my bed, my laptop and my music blaring in the background.

(Currently Bruno Mars ft Cardi B Finesse is on and I am totally loving the 80s vibe, but that is another matter… and a potential inspiration for a future streetstyle!)

I can feel myself about to go on a tangent but just follow  my led: I have got a wee desk in my room, one that is built into the wall.. this was my designated work station. This was meant to be where I went too to type up my blog posts/do research/do mind maps on potential blog topics/general creativity that either involves writing or photoshopping (I’ve been working on some personal mood boards that I look forward to showing you guys when I can!)

But I never work at my “work station”. It is currently a holder of all my crap that I would put on my room chair if I had enough room for a chair (which I do not… but in hindsight its probably for the best… I am a very messy person so the less places I have to dump my crap on the better!).

Its funny how that happens eh?

I find myself writing this blog post in the comfort of my own bed with my kitty slippers and my gym gear still on from my earlier shoulder-focused workout. Whilst my work station has my clothes, jewellery and, in the spirit of honesty, some Christmas presents that I (for some reason) have not had the chance to put away!

That doesn’t mean to say I will never use my desk for writing proposes but its funny how I usually end up doing something slightly or completely different to what I planned or expected. This leads me to the title of my blog actually…


Wanted to flaunt this colourful hat I got as a last minute purchase..
I still laugh nervously when am posing… still newbie to this and not used to posing in front of a camera!
I know my hair is super messy here but I quite like it… life is not always gonna be tidy be can still be rocking those stray baby hairs…
I hated opening up this jacket but I really wanted you to see belt how cute!?

How small is the world actually getting!?


Talking about the unexpected: My run in from two folk in my past happened when I met Michael to do a fast photoshoot before the heavens opened and it poured down with rain, ruining any chance for a decent shoot. (Although how cool would it look to do one in the rain?!)

Michael has helped to open my eyes to a few hidden gems in Glasgow that I did not realise it had! Even though I have lived in Glasgow for over a year I feel there are still a lot of places I have not yet seen/know about. I can not wait to see more! In this case it was a super cute and modern vegan cafe called Picnic off Ingram Street that I met Michael.

I walked in and glanced over at the counter to say an obligatory hello and who do I see?

Someone I went to university with in Aberdeen (who I had not seen in potentially 3 years?) I have never been good at hiding my emotions so she could see the shock on my face (It was probably a replica of the :0 emoji) and I went to give her a hug and who do I see once I step away to have a quick catch up?


I went to give her a hug as well as I had not seen her in about a year. I genuinely could not believe this was happening, I mean when you move around a lot its bound to happen but to run into TWO people you met at two different points in your past in one place in your present is quite gobsmacking!

I went to give her a hug as well as I had not seen her in about a year. I genuinely could not believe this was happening, I mean when you move around a lot its bound to happen but to run into TWO people you met at two different points in your past in one place in your present is quite gobsmacking!

Also once I’d stepped away from hugging the girl I knew from Dundee I was facing the third girl who worked in the cafe and I gave her a hug too. I did not want her to feel excluded as I had essentially hugged her whole team and plus who doesn’t love a hug? (I am a very huggy person! Although I am aware it can annoy some people, or people just do not like the invasion of personal space, so I try to be perceptive to that!)

America’s Next Top Model pose….
I LOVE the sleeves on this shift dress…


River Island Aviator Jacket
Zara Dress with Frilled Sleeve
Glamorous Eyelet Waist Belt
RAID Stud Ankle Boots







The extra bracelet on my had is actually a bobble … My long hair usually starts annoying me so I usually end up putting it in a ponytail or INCREDIBLY messy bun..
So damn cold without my RI jacket on… this is my face when I am thinking about putting it back on to save my limbs from the cold..

Seeing these two in Glasgow was so incredible to me as they represented different points in my life; and because we were acquaintances I did not expect to ever see them again! I was very happy to see them. I know I would have loved to sit and have a proper catch up, hearing what they had been up to since we last spoke but I was conscious that Michael said he only had a few hours to spare before he had to go back to work. So blog duties over blethering and get Phoebe’s fur off my clothes were a top priority!

After seeing these two girls at the most unexpected place I began to think about the amount of people one meets in a lifetime, must be millions at least. I am quite… happy that they remembered me! Or glad? I am not sure how to describe this feeling as it is a happy surprise.

(Right now Ed Sheernan ft Beyonce Perfect is playing and I just wanted to add that this is my favourite version of this song… so soulful)

Nothing is more awkward than you remembering someone and they do not!

This has happened to me in both aspects as I have worked in customer service based environments since I was thirteen so I have met and chatted to probably thousands of people! And I am usually good with faces but I tend to not remember the conversation or how i know them so it does get awkward. I’m used to pretending I know the person or if they seem friendly enough I tend just own up to my forgetfulness and I apologise.  I know when am chatting to someone and I can tell they do not quite remember me I usually walk away with a cheery bye and cringe in my face!

Has this ever happened to you lovelies? Run into people unexpectedly and think wow I knew you before I (insert great change/life event here) happened or I was acquainted with you when  I was going through (insert hard time here). Please let me know when/if you’ve had these kind of moments and who did you run into?

As my mum always says sharing is caring!

Thank you for reading my wee lovelies


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