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I was so excited when it was announced, via twitter, that the complete season 1-10 of Friends would be on the UK Netflix! Genuinely jumped up and down for joy and screamed out loud; I was looking for another TV series to get my teeth into as I had already watched Brooklyn 99, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother at least five times each. I am the type of person that I will watch everything on repeat to death! It genuinely pisses off every single flatmate I have ever had (So sorry guys I seriously can not help it, it is a comfort thing!). I really like having background noise whenever I am doing any form of activities: either music or tv. I mean I do have the boxset of DVDs for Friends but I seemed to have misplaced season 5 and it has been bugging me not watching its from start to finish!

I have already watched season 1-10 once already and as I was watching I noticed that even though I loved Rachel’s hair (Typical, her bangs were an iconic look of the 90s), use of short a-line skirts and rocking oversized sweatshirts (This was brought to my attention thanks to an article done by Stylist, they also talk about the top 50 iconic looks across all three characters, here) and I always wanted to grow up to be a Rachel. I realised the younger me did not know a damn thing cause now that I am watching it again I realise that Phoebe Buffay was the fashion icon of the girl trio! She is so quirky and funny! Her fashion style is so out there. I believe that thanks to Debra McGuire’s fashion styling Phoebe’s character and whimsicalness is accurately displayed.

I wondered if anyone else had thought this so my research lead me to an old article done by the Man Repeller in 2016 on Phoebe’s style rules (link to original blog here) and I really liked the layout she did so I am going to take inspiration for it for this blog post. I admire how Alison Syrett set out the post and my one will be different cause the Phoebe looks she used I am not a massive fan of (apart from the bright orange coat… THAT one will always be a fave!!).

So here we go my top 5 Phoebe fashion styles that I would happily wear now and in the future;


1. Want to be colourful AND warm? Phoebe’s orange fluff coat is the way forward.  



This is the type of coat that I would happily wear now and stand out from the usual blacks, navy’s and greys of the winter months. Do not get me wrong you can not go wrong with a classic but I would love to phoebe it out!


Bershka Faux Fur Jacket
Monki Faux Fur Oversized Jacket
Zara Coloured Faux Fur Coat
Lucy Collar Faux Fur Coat



2. Remember those christmas velvet pieces? You can revamp them with a bit of Phoebs. 



Combine this style with a short necklace that sits framed in an opened neck and lace up boots is a brilliant casual look. Or thanks to Phoebes love of layering you can add a t shirt underneath a swanky velvet dress that you bought for that christmas night out? I love buying festive or seasonal wear stuff but I also like to be able to use it for other occasions so I can full use of them!


New Look Velvet Glitter Polka Dot Skater Dress
Fashion Union Petite Velvet Skater Dress With Puff Sleeves
Miss Selfridge Exclusive Sweetheart Velvet Dress
Zara Printed Velvet Crossover Dress
Ultimate Fave option!
Boohoo Lily Velvet Wrap Detail Bodycon Dress
Asos Petite Ultimate T-Shirt with Crew Neck

3. Mesh the past with with present.



(Side note; not gonna lie i am pretty proud of this little pun here! Whoever is good at them please tell me your secret as I do not come across them often). Phoebe’s (in my opinion)was the first inspiration for mesh bodysuits! The mesh with emboirdary is relatively new and will probably be considered done, not be me! I love this look. I think it makes something that can be too revealing into something quirky and delicate.


New Look Embroidered Mesh Body
New Look Emboridered Mesh Woven Top
NaaNaa Petite Mesh Off Shoulder Body With Floral Applique
River Island Floral Sequin Embellished Mesh Top
Love & Other Things Mesh Peplum Top
Zara Bodysuit With Floral Embroidery

4. Feeling bit nippy out? Well don’t throw away your t shirts just add a long sleeve one underneath!



I love this look! I am not usually a fan of leggings as non-bum covering bottoms/trousers but if it covers the booty then I adore the comfort and flexibility they offer. This look is totally on trend with athleisure and with Phoebe pioneering the way for unisex clothing here I am all for logo tees and different coloured long sleeve tops/polo necks underneath.


adidas Originals T-Shirt Dress With Trefoil Logo
Boohoo Force Is Female T-Shirt Dress
Heartbreak Off Limits T-Shirt Dress
Arabella Pearl Choker Oversized T-Shirt Dress
Warehouse Plain Roll Neck Top
ASOS T-Shirt with Longline Sleeve In Lightweight Jersey


5. Floral-ing away with it



I am so in love with this long dress and lace up ankle boots and choker! This whole outfit with the dangly earrings and cute ponytail is something that I totally WOULD (and now really really want to) wear and show you guys; Style Irregular does Phoebe Buffay! (Also even in a group of folk she stands out; so playful and girly!)


Asos Petite City Maxi Tea Dress with V Neck and Button Detail
Asos Petite Maxi Tea Dress With Open Back
Asos Petite City Maxi Tea Dress
Jaded London Petite Mix Print Maxi With Bow Tie Shoulder Detail
Black Floral Kimono Maxi Dress by Glamorous Petites
Petite Hannah Floral Tie Back Maxi Dress







Well there you have it! My best buys for a Phoebe Buffay look. I have had a lot of fun doing this post, there was a panic moment when I accidentally clicked onto a another page and thought I’d lost 5 hours worth of editing, adding, linking and researching! Thank god wordpress had auto-saved!! I was seriously about to cry loosing all this work. Please let me know if you want me to share more of my style icons; there are sooooooo many that I have and get inspiration from.

Hope you all have had a great week so far and let know any of your Friends-inspired fashion styles!


Thanks for reading my lovelies




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