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The only me I can be…

I love the sleeves in this jumper.. granted you can’t see them properly when i do this but I just really liked this shoot.
I was feeling bit sassy but this photo reminds me i need to get my hair cut..
Doing my favourite and signature pose… smelling my hand/covering my mouth.
i LOVED doing this pose i felt so strong and thought it made the sleeves look amazing!
I wanted one that do not show my face, cause sometimes its nice when you get a shoot with just a dynamic pose


Jumper: Missy Empire

Skirt: H&M (I have had this skirt for years so it is an old one but found a new one that is similar and I would have also worn with this outfit here)

Tights: Primark

Socks: Monki

Shoes: Vintage (Very old shoes that I love but here are similar ones from asos here)

Fell in love with these socks at monki. I do not usually wear funky socks but these a little beauts!
Love how the light is hitting off the windows here ..


“I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars. ‘Run away.’ they say ‘No one’ll love you as you are” – This is Me by Keale Settle


This is me laughing nervously at people walking by ..

I had a mate date with my flatmate, Caz, that consisted of a brilliant meal at Chiqitos that I ate so much I needed to unbutton my trousers (we’ve all been there ladies and gentleman! When something tastes so damn good that you eat well beyond your belly capacity and need that extra relief that only an unbuttoned jean can fulfil!). 

I HAVE to add that this is a GREAT movie.

I will repeat what I said to Caz once the musical had finished in that I think it is totally up there with Moulin Rouge!

It is a very emotive musical. Not a cheesy one (which I do love now and then myself, but Caz has no time for cheese, so we both loved it!)

I loved all the songs in the movie bar one. (So sorry Michelle your song Tightrope was good but it came right after a spine tingling scene with Zac Efron and Zendaya that had me in tears so I think any song after that wouldn’t be my fave). Keale Settle sang the best song:

This is Me.


“I am not a stranger of the dark” is the opening line that triggered me to all the dark times I have had. The times when I used to cry myself to sleep because I had no friends, the times when my happily divorced parents were still together and I could hear their consistent fighting that seemed to never end, the times I would hang out in the library at lunch time as all my friends were busy and the truly darkest moments that I do not want to go into just yet.

I am pretty much an open book but I feel 5th blog post in there is no need to get into the darkest crap just yet! Lets not jump in the deep end, eh?  I wanted to show you, my lovelies, why I picked This is Me as the song that has inspired me the most.

I cannot be anyone but myself: I am me and I am scarred. I feel like if everyone were truly themselves then we would have a lot more understanding and less cliques around. I can see that this is slowly happening, the lines are getting blurred. Do not put yourself or let anyone else shove you in a certain box.

We all have scars, we have all gone through a couple of life experiences that has made us less than perfect, and that is what makes us beautiful. Who wants to be like the masses? Who wants to get lost within crowds of clones?

I believe that everything that has happened to you can break you and then make you, when it breaks you then let it break you, for however long you need to get that initial anger, sadness, frustration and tears out and then pick yourself up. Life is not as clean cut as that, I know and sometimes the process of expelling that initial emotion differs from person to person (for myself in some instances its taken me 10 years to come to terms with some of life’s curveballs. Some I know will be ongoing and again thats ok. I have learned to not let these on-going ones overwhelm me.)

I have found that when I was going through dark moments I used to shove it in peoples faces. I felt that if I talked about it enough then the darkness I was in would not seem so hopeless. But what I was doing was offloading onto unsuspecting poor sods that just wanted to have a laugh. There I was being too serious and honest. Even though I do not view honesty as a bad thing I do understand there is a time and place for full honesty.


Samantha Green Oversized Faux Fur Sleeve Jumper
H&M Short Skirt
Monki Glitter Socks
ASOS EREN Leather Chain Ankle Boots







“Look out cause here I come and I am marching on to the beat I drum,  I am not scared to be seen, this is me”



I love how in this song there is a line that says “I make no apologises, this is me”, I wish I could say that about myself but I can not.

I apologise all the time for me being myself. Not because I am sorry that I am being me. But because sometimes I can make people feel uncomfortable with my unfiltered thoughts or intense emotions. That is the last thing I ever want to do is make people feel uncomfortable. Most of my life I have been in uncomfortable situations. And I always worry about putting others in that position.

Following on from my previous post, The rejection bias.., one of my feedback points was that I am very me. Editing my unfiltered chat is needed. I have to be careful how I word stories; they would be misinterpreted and perceived as unprofessional.

To be clear the two interviewers did not find that with me, but found me refreshing. And I thought … This Is Me.

I am like marmite; you either love me or hate me.

I am not scared to be seen, hence why I started this blog. I was too afraid for so long of failing. Of coming across as pretentious or self involved for starting a blog. However those that have started blogs are far from that.  I see a community that wants to be inclusive and I love it! What I would love to do is reach out to people that are similar to me and become part of this community that can lift each other up and inspire.

Everyone that is true to themselves and who they are, are incredibly inspiring to me. (Cough Grace F Victory reference cough, LOVE YOU)

Here are the listed the top 3 criticisms I have experienced for being myself:

I am too honest.

I am a weirdo.

I am too sensitive.

Instead this is what I choose to see this as;

I am real.

I am unique.

I am compassionate.

What are your top 3 put-downs? And  what positive qualities do  they say about you?

Thank you for reading my lovelies






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