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The LFW Review! Part 2

Part 1 was all about florals, frills, prep and the business woman. My style is very much like my name; Irregular. I like what I like and it can be very all over the joint. So my LFW Review Part 2 is all about the colour blocking, athleisure and arty trends. 


Colour blocking has been happening for a few seasons now. However because it has been taken a step further and it isn’t just colours that are blocked but the textiles I have separated them into two categories: Textile Patchwork and Colour blocking. I am also a massive fan of the athleisure and arty trend. This blog post covers them and I will recommend my LUST haves that relate to these categories. My interests in these fashion trends are because they are so different but I can see them totally being mixed up together with different pieces put into one outfit. That could be why I love the textile patchwork so much; not only are the colours different but so are the textures. I find that quality quite interesting.


Textile Patchwork and Colour Blocking

As you can see from the above photoshopped pic (that I did all by myself. Let me know what you think of the layout, took me forever to decide how I wanted to layout my LFW pics!) Temperley London have totally smashed the textile patchwork! I love how they have combined dark polka dots with bright oriental textiles. This seems like such a quirky and vibrant look. I think that polka dots on their own tends to look very sweet and cute. Which is not very me, don’t get me wrong I love seeing people rock a polka dot in a different way. But I think its because not only am I short but I have no chest so on me polka dots just end looking quite childlike! That an to had polka dot with stripes look stunning; just in general I am loving polka dots. You’ll be seeing the next couple of posts with them as the star feature.

I also have such a soft spot for Peter Pilotto; during my fashion designing years at University I loved his patchwork usage or the precision he used his textiles – it was up their with Alexander McQueen! Unfortunately I was not a massive fan of the majority of his collection this season (Sorry Mr pilotto!). But I love how he has used soft pastel colours combined together. The lace material gives it the delicate yet saucy feel to it.

For colour blocking the strongest one that caught my eye was Fyodor Golan’s rainbow inflatable-seeming billowing skirt. When I saw this, the first thing that popped into my head was Gay Pride. And as soon as I thought that I loved this skirt and colour blocking instantly. This is probably me reading too much into the design but I don’t even care. It is out there, flamboyant and I LOVE it. Not sure about the practicalities of that specific skirt – but I know I want a street style friendly version of this to add to my wardrobe.

Burberry’s ski-inspired/tribal printed faux fur dress combined with the tulle underskirt is another fave of mine. I love how wacky and out their this colour combo. Recently I have been quite understated with my clothing choices but there is still a little quirky geek in me! I find this outfit very appealing.

Although I digress, Temperley London and Marques’ Almeida brings me back to my understated style beautifully. Well, Almeida does, London not so much. But again a lover of printed and out-there textiles so its inevitable.


ASOS Patchwork Embroidered Kimono Midi Dress
ASOS EDITION Deconstructed Patchwork Dress
ASOS Flutter Sleeve Patchwork Ditsy Playsuit
Missguided Patchwork Hanky Hem Midi Dress
ZARA Patchwork Coat
ZARA Checked Patchwork Coat



ASOS Stitch & Pieces Faux Fur Patchwork Scarf
ASOS PETITE Jacket in Patchwork Faux Fur
ASOS DESIGN Colour Block Satin Asymmetric Drape Pencil Midi Dress
PRETTY LITTLE THING Colour Block Jumper Dress
BOOHOO Ziggy Colour Block Shift Dress
BOOHOO Plus Lelia Velvet Colour Block Bomber Jacket


Athleisure and Arty



AAAAnnnnd polka dots make another appearance! This time in the athleisure category – which is NOT girly or childlike. So already my original perceptions have been disproved – which I love- especially in fashion. I love the lines being blurred or changed around, Thank you Burberry!

But the designer that stole the show for my in this trend was Fyodor Golan. Golan has combined my love for bright colours, layers and colour blocking. When I looked through this collection I thought… wow…. I want to be wearing this while have a day of gymming, productivity and potentially a night out. I have noticed more and more girls are either going full glam on a night out or being quirky but comfortable which has become increasingly appealing to me. I would definitely wear the TV Golan’s long sleeved dress for a night out – looks so cosy and funky; after what I heard today – that the Beast from the East is coming back this weekend it is definitely needed.

This then brings me to my arty trend. I called this arty, because it is busy and bright. To be honest when I did art at university I can see a few of the arty folk wearing these kind of outfits and I was always jealous of how they managed to put stuff together so beautifully. I would try the same thing and it either wouldn’t look right on me or just look like a direct copy cat.  Just think of collage and surrealism and you will see the connection to these collections and my arty trend.  My favourite by far is Burberry’s sheer dress with the bobbles and Almeida white jumper. I would actually like to wear them together is the sheer dress was oversized enough!




ESPIRIT Cat Pokla Dot Sweater
Hello Kitty x ASOS Cropped Colour Block Hoodie
NIKE Archive Reversible Sweatshirt In Red
MONKI My Own Boss Sweatshirt
ADIDAS Skateboarding Oversized Sweatshirt
WILDFOX Bird and Rose Print Sweatshirt








ASOS PETITE Sheer Smock Dress in Spot Mesh
RECLAIMED Vintage Inspired Graphic Print Sweatshirt
RECLAIMED Vintage Inspired T-Shirt With Graphic Print
ICEBERG Olive Oil Jewel Sweat
MONKI Psychedelic Print Sweatshirt







Let me know what you think about my recommendations for these trends. I am totally loving ASOS for finding the specific trends and ideas.

Thank you so much for reading my lovelies



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