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A Mini what I got for my birthday and a trip down memory lane…


Jacket: Shein

Chocker: Topshop, old other options here and here

Unitard: Motel

Boots: River Island, old, other options here and here

I say a mini what I got because I can not write too much about what I got for my birthday. Partly because I dunno what to say about how happy I am for all the thoughtful gifts without getting too mushy. My friends read my blog so… love you guys! ahaha!

And another reason why its because I did a fantastic photoshoot with my friend Julie and I really, really want to use them photos too so here it goes!

My ‘feeling fine at 29…’ post was written before I’d properly looked on facebook. I tend not to be on there as much as I am on twitter and Instagram… not entirely sure why… I guess its because I feel like I get more support and engagement from them than Facebook.

What I also find interesting is that during this time facebook throws up memories from the past years, don’t you wish that you could choose which memories you don’t want to be reminded of? Or if this is a function then please let me know! 

It would seem that 2 years ago I was with SC getting my Alexander McQueen book Savage beauty, a yankee candle and he even treated me to a weekend away to a relaxing spa retreat (wow I know!), the year before I was with DC and he gave me… a whole night I’ll never forget… both for good and bad things. 

And then there was my 21st birthday… with LF. Which was a whole drama on its own… thankfully not between LF and I but between LM’s (my then roomate)’s ‘friend’ and LF. That was such an eventful night that I still can not fully believe that it happened.(I’ll go into that another time!)

I like spending my birthday’s with my friends or if am with someone then I tend to use my birthday as a perfect excuse to get my stretched out group of friends together to meet my partner. 


Well… I am a notoriously bad judge of character. I have the most awful taste in men. I tend to pick guys that fuck me over or I fuck them over, or we end up fucking each other over. Either way both people aren’t happy and it ends horribly. I trust my friends judgement over mine. So I like them to meet my partner and help me out. 

However, it never ends up like that. 

I am quite stubborn. Like with the SA situation (if you’re not sure what I mean then I talk about what happened with SA in ‘ the times closure is not an option..’ and ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing..’) I had both Caz and my mum tell me to end it on numerous occasions but I just wanted to see the good in it. It took him hurting and using me twice to see it for the lost cause it was. 

In fact with all my exes my mum, Caz and friends have at one point or another recommended I break it off with them. 

But I have never been good at dumping someone. I can never do it. I am the type of person that I will keep trying until I physically can not try anymore. I keep trying until the person either breaks me and/or (then) breaks up with me. 

Thats when I know I’ve done all I can. Cause it takes 2 people to make a relationship work, and no matter how much you want to put the work into making it last, if the other person doesn’t want to do the same then thats it. Done. 

I learned that particular very, very hard lesson by HM. My first love. 

There I go on a tangent again… this mini birthday haul has me thinking of all the past ones I’ve had and who I’ve shared it with. 


SHEIN Patch Back Ribbon Detail Two Tone Bomber Jacket
BOOHOO Emma Star Velvet Choker
BOOHOO Martha Gold Drop Pendant Choker
MOTEL Acro Unitard in Cheetah
ASOS AMELIE Leather Cut Out Ring Boots
BOOHOO Nicole Studded Strap Cut Work Ankle Boots

This years one I shared it with a few new faces and little repeated ones. 

I am not the type of person that makes friends easily. I like meeting people, I like to hear what they have to say but I am a very intense person and I can go from emotion to emotion pretty quickly.

Not on purpose. It just seems to be the way I’ve been programmed. (If there are any Laurell K Hamilton book lovers out there then Anita Blake is basically me… but without the cool scars or kicking butt capabilities). 

So the ones I do have I love very dearly. Especially Caz and JS who have been my friends for over a decade. We joke that they deserve a meddle for putting up with for all these years and I genuinely agree. One of these days I want to show them how much their friendship means to me! 

The first flatlay is from Caz, she knows how much I love Rupaul, cats, candles and lush products. 

I told her how much I wanted to get a cool bath bomb to relax with and I love lightening candles when I bathe. Also the pic with the cute cat saying ‘all you need is love and a cat’ is very us! Ahaha we are such notoriously single crazy cat ladies so makes sense! 

The hat that says ‘you go girl’ has really nice colours in it, I’ve combined red and pink before but now I’d like to try an outfit with a bit of green in it. I love interesting colour combinations! And the cute wee gold mouse purse is now one of my handbag necessities.

The 2nd flatlay features Phoebe as well!

I was thinking of editing her out but she is such big part of my life that I like her cute wee white gloves in this photo. She has a thing for plastic bags and was trying to steal my wee plastic cup! Julie bought me this cause she knows how much I love bubble tea and it even comes with Lycée boba!! That is my favourite flavour of boba and has fruity flavoured teas which I am excited to try! 

The 3rd flatlay is from the team at Tempo Tea Place.

They are such a friendly group of people that I felt so overwhelmed with all of this!! I cant believe J remembers me talking about needing to get bath salts to help with my muscle aches! And the little disco keychain guy is so so cute! And I am forever loosing my keys so would be great to have something reflective to make it easier to spot. 

I used to have a massive grey fluffy cat head but as cute as it was it wasn’t very practical! I usually keep my keys in my jacket pocket so I was forever taking the grey fluffy cat head on/off my keys. 

The 4th and final flatlay is from my mum!

I was telling her how annoying my headphone where because I am in the gym I can still hear all the grunting and groaning from others and it is very off putting! I just want to be in my own wee world concentrating on my mind to muscle! (Yes that is a Whitney Simmons reference! Love her youtube fitness videos and they are super helpful when I want to try something different).

Mum says that when she was in London all the people were wearing these ones so she wanted me to have the same. And they look so cool in their own wee case to protect them! I actually like the idea of a case for headphones, to add an extra bit of protection! 

I am actually going to use Caz’s gold mouse purse for my iPhone headphones! Heres hoping they will last a bit longer!

And the cute orange bag was to go with my leopard print birthday dress and orange shoes. (If you follow me on instagram I posted a few pics on my story!). I also like how the orange and red go together… potentially a new outfit!

I love thoughtful wee gifts or experiences better than big expensive ones.

I like the thought behind them and ones that I can keep as momentos. 

what was your favourite gift? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies!!

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