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Your happy place…


Earrings: H&M, sold out. Alternative option here.

Blazer: River Island

Lace Body: H&M

Flares: Zara, old. Similar petite version here.

Loafers: H&M

Bag: Marc Jacobs bag, vintage. Alternative option here.

That is such a used expression… your happy place. I think I’ve heard that saying at least 100 times throughout my life. Not because I knew a lot of people that had that as their cute saying.. but more like through tv, movies, books, advice. So now am going to talk about my happy place… and how it isn’t a physical place at all.. well it doesnt need to be. Its more like a place in your mind. Your Psyche. 


I’m writing this post after doing 2 of my favourite happy place moments; a gym workout and a big (yet cheap-is) shopping spree in Primark. 

As I have stated in my blog post ‘the blank slate…’ I know that my blog posts I write are very intense and quite emotionally evocative and potentially draining for you guys reading it… which I do not want. 

I have never shied away from the harsher events of life. Most of the time. Ahaha I do have my moments where I just want to stick my head in the sand and ignore everything that is around me. Or I find someone to go out with me on a bender and I just drink my body weight and more in alcohol in hopes to switch my brain off for a few hours. 

However, with the new… gym addicted, older me that way of going about life isn’t good for me. Or for anyone in general. I knew it was time for me to reassess how I handle difficult situations because I do not want to go out and get drunk to numb my feelings, I do not want to watch all my hard work and dedication to living a healthier version of me be counter acted by my down moments … which because my emotionally range is basically a rollercoaster ride that bounces from one end of the emotional spectrum to another in moments can make it quite a destructive ‘happy place’ to have. 

As I said before in my “Im a extroverted introvert…” I do love my alone times just as much as I love to be with a group of people I feel comfortable with.

I was so happy with MG invited to the Tempo Tea group workout this morning. (Sunday 15th July), it started at 9am and I even had planned on going on a date last night but I cancelled. Well, I just unmatched him. Tinder guy kept asking me to go back to his or have a drink at his and I didn’t like it. I was getting a bad feeling so when I didn’t hear back from him I just unmatched and have a lovely early night in bed. Me and my Phoebe. 😀 

So this morning I woke up, bright and early at 630am feeling fresh and greeted with a sleepy Phoebs. She did her usual purring and walking up to my face to lick my nose and give it a little nibble. 

I then got up to make myself some breakfast, watch a Gary Vee video on motivation and self awareness, and stuck on a Spanish youtube lesson. My memory is absolutely SHOCKING, it always has been. If I don’t not make a note of it or put an alert in my iCalender then I will forget everything! So I’ve already watched the Spanish youtube video 3 times now… but guaranteed I’ll forget it by next week so am going to watch it again… probably tonight!

Then I drove in to meet MG in front of Tempo Tea (I hate sunday service and its free parking here so its all good!) then had an intense circuit workout. (If you guys follow me on insta I did a story of me after it had finished and I was a sweaty mess!). Met two lovely folk I hadn’t met before and then went for a wonder in Primark for new bargains and came away with at least 5 new outfits for under £80 so I am a very very happy bunny right now 😀  


Your happy place can change so much over time. It can also be more than one thing… and it really should be a few things! It is also important to figure out if your happy place is destructive in the long run or how to recreate it when your skint/in a place where you can not physically get too.



I know everything I’ve just described is something that is an actual place. Part 1 of my happy place was in the gym, part two was in Primark. However it isn’t just the places itself that made me happy.

See if I was standing in Primark and had no money to buy myself a wee cute new outfit I wouldn’t be as happy… although… there is an activity I do do when I have very few pennies.. and that is I put outfits together in Primark and show them off in my insta story :D. I dunno why that makes me happy I guess I just like showing how I would style things together. I remember one time I tagged a really amazing blogger called Paige Joanna because I’d put together the outfit of the Primark lilac co ord denim skirt and jacket with a crop t shirt frill top and a cute watermelon cardigan together that I thought was very her and she got back to me! Ahaha had a little fan girl moment! I eventually wore it for my post ‘the back up plan…’ with a more me twist to it!

So I suppose that is my happy place. Putting together outfits either for myself or inspired by others! Well there you go thats one!

That one is not a destructive one… that I can see just yet. I guess if I do it regularly it can get annoying. However I don’t do it enough because I feel bad taking photos of outfits i’ve shoved together and blocking peoples way!

Even when writing this post about ‘happy places’ my mind just seems to automatically go to a sad place. While i was thinking of other examples on ‘happy places’ that aren’t necessary something you need to pay for to get into or far away I got a memory from back when I was a  teenager.

Now I am not going to put sad stuff in this one so I won’t say what would happen to lead me to this. 

BUT when I needed a ‘happy place’ that I could easily get to I would frequently go for a walk in the wooded area near my childhood home. In fact even now the very act of walking about can be quite calming, especially when its beside greenery. Im not sure about you guys but I feel bit anxious when am just dondering about town, trying to pass the time. Thats when I feel anxious about others thinking am just a billy with no mates. 

Whereas when am walking in a park or even by the River Clyde I don’t really care about other folk and I just feel a bit meditative.

My bro, CD, has told me numerous times to meditate and I’ve always pushed it aside. Not because i don’t see the value in it. But because I didn’t think I could do it! Like I have such an over active mind that is constantly racing from thought to thought and the only times it does slow down its because I am having really good sex. I saw really good, because when its ok my mind gets in the way and it makes a sex session that is ok seem worse because am thinking of stuff like whats on the telly or if I’ve fed phoebe or other stuff. 

But I’ve just realised I do meditate… I meditate when am having a walk around a park or I like to go up to high places – like climb a tree or go up high somewhere, like the Lighthouse and just sit/stand and look over the landscape. 

And just be. 

It makes me feel so small, not insignificant, just small in the grand scheme of things. When am sad it can be quite isolating but then I just get so serene and happy that even when things so overwhelming there are still new experiences out there. 

New people to meet.

New friends to be made.

New ‘happy places’ to discover or rediscover!

And that gives me hope.

What is your happy non-place place?

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies 





















  • Zara McIntosh

    You look gorgeous in all of the images, the blazer ties everything in together so beautifully!
    I’d say my happy place/happy moments always change. I often discover true happiness when I’m laughing with my friends but also at home in a dreamy bubble bath with a book.
    I wish I’d seen your Primark insta story with the outfits you put together, it sounded lovely!
    Zara xx

    • LucyCreber

      Aww thank you so much Zara!
      I was hoping the blazer would tie up all the different bold colours together!
      Aww that is a very good happy place. Nothing beats times with friends or an exfoliating hot bubble bath :D. I can not wait to have a bubble bath as soon as my tattoo is all healed up!!
      Ahaha don’t you worry there will be another one soon! I work in town monday to wednesday and since am in the office all day I like to get out and about! Do we have each other on insta yet!?

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