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Winter is here…


Long Jacket: Primark, can’t find online. Similar one here.

Polo: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Zara, old. Alternative ones here.

Second Bomber Jacket: Zara

It is that time of year again guys… winter is here and its boltic! Unlike all my other fellow beautiful bloggers who love winter, I HATE it. I hate being cold, I hate lugging around heavy jackets when am warm inside shops but freezing my ass off when am outside. But what IS fun is getting that new warm winter coat that keeps you all cosy 🙂 


Recently I went up to Aberdeen for a mini family reunion and was thankfully treated to two winter coats, one from my Auntie and another from mum.

BUT because one of them is reversible then technically I got 3 winter coats. 😀

The reversible one totally got me exited. I like the thought of getting 2 jackets in one, not only is it fun to have the option to change a look with turning it inside out but also saving wardrobe space. As you guys may have guessed from my twitter activities (if you follow me) I have been loading up my clothes daily on depop in an attempt to give myself some much-needed wardrobe space/make some pennies. (So please follow me! Go on depop and type in lulucreber and have  nosy if you like my style!). 

I always love a wee bargain. As much as I love fashion and all the cool trends that come about I like to be as practical as possible when it comes to winter coats. In fact I am surprisingly practical in some areas of fashion.

Top priority of practicality winter?


AND it has to be slightly oversized. I like it being big enough to have comfortable layering underneath it. I don’t like that tight restricted feeling in the shoulders when wearing a chunky soft knit underneath. 

I like being as wrapped up as possible when am out in the hopes that I don’t get my annual bug.

I dunno about you guys but every year I always get ill. No matter how hard I try I always get a sore throat and headaches or a cold and fever. 

Its like my body is punishing me for putting it through another boltic winter. 

I keep hoping that if I remain all wrapped up I can kick that tradition all together!

I apologise that my blog isn’t like its usual layout. I couldn’t find anyone to help me with a photoshoot this week so I’ve had to improvise with using the self timer on my camera and my photoshop skills. 

ALSO I saw this as a creative challenge to push myself and how my blog can help yous. Usually its going through my mental health journey or life experiences.


My wardrobe must haves for folk that are always cold and hate the winter. 

How cute is this out of focus photography that I am trying? *cough* I can’t work the focus on my camera *cough* But after ummmm-ing and aaaahhh-ing I thought FUCK IT and wanted to put these out of focus images in. I love these jackets and wanted to share that and also other alternatives if you don’t like the colours 😀 !



This gem of a coat caught my eye in the jungle that is Primark. I see the Retail Assistants trying in vain to keep the shop floor tidy and in order; but usually to no avail.

I can speak from experience. I worked over a year in the Aberdeen Primark and it was a losing battle. Tidying and organising against the tirade of customers shoving stuff all over the joint. Basically just making you hate humanity and how messy they are.

You can tell when someone has worked in retail cause they will be tidying on the shop floor. Even when they are not working and in other shops. I have done this a few times… I’ll be looking through clothes and will fold them back into place when I have the chance.

Anyways sorry back onto the topic at hand.

I like long coats, they protect the tops of your legs with an extra layer of warmth AND there is the added bonus of it protecting your booty when your sitting down on cold seats/surfaces!

I like bright coloured coats. I feel like during winter everyone always goes for the traditional blacks/greys and blues. Its like an unspoken uniform that everyone follows!

Although this is a generalisation – my own instagram feed is proof of how colourful folk are and its amazingly inspiring. I think its just my little corner of Glasgow that seems to have adopted the above uniform.

Below are a few coats that I think you guys would love; my colour lovers!

I fell in love with this single breasted coast from New Look! As you can see below they come in multiple different colours! Well done New Look! And then River Island surprised me with the Royal little gem. 🙂

Now this leads me to my fave type of jacket… a 2 in 1 jacket!!

I had to rummage through a few online retailers to find these little gems. I didn’t think reversible jackets were popular… and I was right. There aren’t a lot of them in production and I wasn’t sure why.

When I worked in Boss men had reversible stuff all the time. I think every season they had reversible coats or jumpers or what evers. I wonder why that type of practicality isn’t as accessible in womenswear?

Mmm potentially a question that I’ll like into more when I have spare time and wanting to saturate my brain with social studies. (Doing a postgrad gave me the bug for that!) Or do you guys have any ideas as to why?

Anyways below are the reversible beauties. I know above I talked about the uniform of dark colours in winter? Well below takes that dark uniform and LITERALLY flips it around! The Boohoo one below reverses into the bright orange bomber! Looks so so cool the orange colours. Whereas the Light purple River Island coast changes texture as opposed to colours. Same with the Zara one.

The Nike one just looks super cosy and has a nice colour blocking detail that I am always a fan off. 🙂 This can be seen in my LFW trend predictions.

That is my own little Winter Coat reveal! Let me know what you think about my wee post lovelies.

Thanks for reading as always.

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