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Readjusting dynamics…


Baker Hat: Primark, sold out. Similar here.

Earrings: Zara, sold out. Alternative (that I would wear with alternative skirt) here.

Jumper: Topshop, old. Similar here.

Skirt: Boohoo, old. Alternative here.

Over the knee sock: H&M

Trainers: Primark, sold out. Similar here.

Photographer: Connull Drummond

When your circumstances change you need to change with it or your gonna stress yourself out. Or if you anything like me get lazy af! 


I haven’t had much time to think about this weeks blog post… In fact there were two topics that sprung to mind when I was thinking about what to write; how I get my blog writing inspirations or readjusting when circumstance change. 

I think I’ll do a poll on it in my instastories to see which one folk want to read. But in all honesty I feel like this one is more important. 


Well I started festering in my head when J.K (my new colleague who is in training with me at my new job) made a nice observation about me that surprised and delighted me.

I was saying how much of a lazy shit I am/can be. And J.K replied ;

“you are the LEAST laziest person I’ve ever met. Someone that spends all day at work and then hits the gym after isn’t lazy at all!” 

I was pleasantly surprised. Because when you put it like that then yeah, he IS right. Someone that goes to the gym after a full days work isn’t lazy or even if they go in the morning before they go to work, still not lazy. 

Or it doesn’t even need to be about the gym at all, anyone that does anything after/before work are quite hard working.

Don’t get me wrong it is equally as important to have lazy chilled out days. The need to recuperate and adjust to new dynamics is pretty important for yourself and your body.

If you just throw your all into a new dynamic without giving yourself a period of time to adjust isn’t good for you… well it definitely isn’t good for me.

I usually end up really run down and ill. 

I wanted to start my first week as I mean to proceed. You know the saying start as you mean to go on? Well after years and years of trial and error I’ve realised that this saying is very me. 

As I have always said. Everyone is different. Everyone has different ways of working, how they do things, how they and their body reacts to new situations. Everyone has different motivators.

For me, I want to enter in a bikini bodybuilding competition. I understand this will take me at least 2 years to get my body even remotely close to bikini bodybuilding ready. And I’ll need to scout out the different types of competitions that are in and around the UK. 

But that is my long term goal. 

Will that change? 


This goal is still in the baby stages. I say baby because I know I have a long way to go to even qualify but that is something I do want to work towards, that goal could potentially change and am okay with that. I talk about this in my previous post… “are you all about the destination or the journey?” I like to set a couple of long term goals to work towards but if they journey happens to change the destination of those long term goals then am pretty excited about that.

I feel like you need to know yourself and know your limits. Sometimes something is not meant to be and no matter how hard to try it just isn’t a good fit. So this whole bodybuilding goal might not be a good fit for my body and myself. I’m not sure because I haven’t gone into it 100%.

How can you can readjust to new dynamics? Can you give something new your all AND still give your all to the old dynamics you were used to?





Short answer?


To begin with.

I think when you start something new, anything new really. You can not give your 100 to what you use to give your 100 too. Because your doing something new. Your entering into new and unknown dynamics and situations. 

Other factors in your life will slide and you need to allow that to happen until you can grasp what the new situation means to you and how long it takes for you to adapt. 

For the the biggest thing that has slide is my social media pursuit for Style Irregular, my blog. Because I have been working all day and I am not allowed my phone on me I haven’t been able to keep up my engagement on instagram and twitter. I know this might not seem like a big deal… and in the grand scheme of things it isn’t,… but for me I want to grow my reach organically and in order to do that I need to put the time and energy into natural reach and engagement. 

Which I want to do. 

But i know that has had to slide while i give my all to this training. And also because gym is my stress reliever and a direct contribution to my long term goal of qualifying for bikini bodybuilding then I go to the gym after work; I managed to make it 4 days this week after work so I am not gonna lie… i am very chuffed with myself that I have managed all those days.

Am I absolutely shattered?

Hell yeah.

Do I have time to go out and socialise like I would’ve been able to do if I hadn’t gone to the gym?


Am I able to spend as much time as I want with my beautiful little Phoebs? 

No 🙁 

But is it worth it?


I know for me my adjusting time is usually about a month. That might seem long or short to some people but for me when I start a new job or move to a new city or start something new it usually takes me a month to adjust to that. Add in the gym after work then it might take me longer. 

But since I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly recently it hopefully wont take me too long to readjust to my new dynamics.

I also want to start pole dancing, going back to my old PT, start a photography course, research audio editing (for when I start my podcast channel) and attending more digital marketing/blogger outings. 

I know all of the above will need to wait.

Some for my first full months pay (going back to PT and pole dancing) and the rest just till I can stop feeling absolutely shattered after work.  Feeling a wee bit tired I can push through but if its any more than that then I know myself and I know ill just make myself ill or rundown or god forbid… give myself a migraine! 

Anyone ever had them? 

They are HELL!

What is your readjusting time? Do you know it yet? 

Thanks for reading as always lovelies!

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