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Finding the motivation…


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I’ve been asked this before, by several people where I find the motivation/drive/time/energy to do what I do on the daily basis (i.e work all day, go to the gym, meal prep, do shoots, research, listen to podcast and other daily blogger duties.) and my answer usually differs depending on who I am speaking to. 

To put this concisely i genuinely don’t know where i get the motivation from. The main reason why I answer everyone differently because it depends on who they are as a person and it also depends on my moods. 

I get different motivation from different parts of my personality. 

Parental Example Motivation

One of them is potentially from my upbringing? 

I was raised by my incredibly hardworking single mum who I admire greatly. 

Not only does she work at helping others. (She is a nurse) she still makes it clear that she would drop everything to  be there for me and my sister. 

That level of dependability and reassurance is something that i love and a quality in myself that I wish I had.

I see how hard she works and how much she loves her job and I know I want the same for me. 

I want to work hard for a person, a brand that i believe in and find joy in it. i want to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and looking forward to my day.

That is something that I know from past experiences and jobs that I need to work hard for. 

Defying the Odds

Another part of me is through utter stubbornness.

I can be quite hard headed. It doesn’t happen a lot because I am so willing to be dissuaded by others logic/opinions but time to time I can be very stubborn. 

For example, getting my masters, my old lecturer at my previous Uni told me it would be impossible or incredibly unlikely for me to get into a higher degree course because my BA(Hons) award was so low (I got a Third). 

And not only did I smash that pessimism (I got into my Postgraduate course, with a fully founded scholarship) but I showed just what the RIGHT uni with the RIGHT people being 100% supportive can do for an individual with dyslexia (I got a distinction and won the Best Dissertation Prize). 

That double win was so satisfying. 

I would’ve been completely happy with the win of getting into the course in the first place. But once I got into the course and realised how much I liked the modules and what we were being taught I wanted to excel. The lecturer in the Postgrad course believed in me enough to let me into the course but even she was like… well a merit would be potentially what your looking at. cause you know…. this course is hard. Dissertation is harder and its worth double points. 

And she’s right. I would’ve been more than ecstatic with a merit. Cause thats still well above and beyond what was expected of me. But that slight doubt in her just increased my stubbornness to prove to myself and to others that I could go beyond. 

Finding the motivation can be the doubt others put onto you or the example set by your parents/peers/guardians.




Getting to the Happy Place

Another motivation is strictly related to the gym. One of the main reasons I find the energy to go to the gym after work is simple.

Its my happy place.

As I said in a previous post a happy place doesn’t necessary need to be hard to get too. It can be something thats free (If I was a cardio girl then my happy place would be to go for a run around the block… but I hate cardio so that wont work for me.)

My happy place is lifting weights… not necessary in the weights room… I still feel a bit uncomfortable there with all the testosterone and amazing physiques. 

Plus I am not 100% sure how to use some of the contraptions and I feel like the others can sense that and its like prey vs. predator; THEY KNOW MY WEAKNESS.

Ahaha…. definitely in my mind…  but again anxiety is a bitch and in order for it not to go into overdrive am all about the baby steps. 

I LOVE pumping weights.

Feeling my muscles get stronger and better.

I LOVE releasing the frustrations of the day.

Feeling the sweat from a good workout is addictive.

It quietens all my anxieties, stress, and sadness that I feel. Cause after a workout all i can feel is the happy endorphins pumping through my mind, body and … yes I am going to go there…. soul. 


So that is my main motivation for the gym workouts; to be happy.

And the best part about my workouts is that even though I am using others as aspirational motivation (i.e Whitney Simmons and Fit Gurl Mel) the only person i am trying to beat is past me. 

I do not want to injure myself so there is not point in rushing the weight lifting process so the most completion I have is with past me. And that is a competition that i have no problems with. 

The Daily Grind vs. My own Passions

Another motivation for me is to have my own life outside of my work.

What I mean is I have my own daily grind; my job. My new office job is amazing and I do love it but I, like everyone else, have other passions that I still want to do as well as my job. 

I do not want to be one of those persons that is just their job… I know that other people are like that, and that is good.

For me I just can not. I need to facilitate my multiple interests. 

And if you are like me and need to do that then it is up to you to find that extra energy to do you boo.

I see this as a form of self care and self love.

If you want to fulfil your other passions outside of your work then that is a form of self care and that is something that is 100% worthwhile to get that extra surge of energy to do. 

Hope that helps you guys!

What motivates you?

Thanks for reading lovelies. 






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