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Why am I a no make up blogger?


Jacket: Zara Women, old. Alternative here.

Top: Topshop, old. Alternative here. 

(I would get this mens t-shirt and cut it up to make it cropped.)

Choker: Zara, old. Alternative here.

Trousers: River Island

Shoes: Marks & Spencer, SOLD OUT. Alternative here.

Bag: Present from Mum (No idea where its from sorry.) Alternative here.

Why me doing me isn’t a dig at you doing you. The reason behind me deciding on being a no make up blogger came up the other day at work. Therefore I felt the need to write about it. 


I decided to become a no make up blogger… yes thats right. From my first ever shoot in January and for every single blog post I have ever posted I never ever wear any make up. 

Have I edited my photos?

To begin with… no. 

But then I realised that I can do my 100% realness with a bit of highlighter … and by that I mean I edit my photos to highlight colours, saturation, brightness/contrast etc. 

BUT I do not edit out blemishes or ‘imperfections’ .

As you can see by this photoshoot, for example. I have a giant spot on my face and quite a few spot marks.  😀 

Anyways this train of thought started all because a girl in my work, T.M, was frustrated at someone commenting on her getting lip fillers. 

They advised her she didn’t need them because she is beautiful the way she is and why did she feel the need to put lip fillers in.

She was frustrated and explained that its her face and as long as she’s careful what matters?

I agree with her.

To an extent. 

She has to do it for the right reasons. Which I’m sure she is. 

If you happen to be a person that has slim lips and want big full lips then why feel down when you can save up and get lip fillers? I am a big believer in you doing you. For yourself. 

Do not go to that extent for other people or for the approval of others.

If you are doing it for your own self and for your own approval then thats amazing. 

What is the harm in that?

To some it can be alot. 

The counter argument can be that above situations can be a ripple effect on others. When someone sees an attractive girl changing her appearance, they then themselves might feel the need to do the same. Therefore we end up with a lot of beautiful girls looking incredibly similar. 

Which I find is happening already. 

Is that a bad thing? Potentially.

Is that the fault of the person simply just wanting fuller lips? Of course not!
I understand where the lady was coming from, as in her having this ‘ripple effect’ worry. (I am not sure if this is a thing this is just what I call it.)

 I said that to T.M but like I said to her I am also a big believer in you doing you and me doing me.

My intention for being a no make up blogger is a hope THAT will have a ripple effect.

Reach out to people who potentially WANT to NOT wear make up or get work done to change their appearance and feel beautiful in their own skin.

Because it can be so hard to accept yourself when you do not fit the mould of what is considered beautiful. 

Is this a dig?

I definitely have no intention of it being one. I just want to be me, I want to get the realness back into social media. Or try to in my own little way.  

I want to bring it back without putting others down. I believe that just because I don’t want it for myself doesn’t mean I look down on others for doing it. 

And THAT is the big divider that I want to highlight. There are so many people out there that may not be for it for themselves by they fully support others. And vice versa. T.M said to me that I didn’t need to wear make up and she likes that I can be 100% make up free. 

And I love that! 

There should be a new thing… were you can be like you do you boo and I’ll do me. No T no shade no pink lemonade (yep a Rupaul reference there 😉 ) 




I feel like there are too many justification explanations involved when folk are like yeah I don’t like that but >insert put down here that belittles those that do and simultaneously inserts the sayer as above it all <.

I am not sure if this make sense…

I am finding it hard to explain because it is such an abstract thought running around in my head … I know what I am feeling and I know what I mean but I am finding it hard to put it into words.

Which is pretty rich coming from a blogger! ahaha

Basically I want people to stop putting others down because their decisions aren’t the same. Why do we need to put others down to make ourselves feel better? (I have thought into this matter more but thats another blog post altogether.)

This brings me back to another experience I had several years ago with a girl called JG.  

She never wore make up. At uni, on a night out … ever. And that was awesome.

I rather liked that about her… however, what I didn’t like was her announcement of it all. 

And her air of superiority that she carried around with her directly connected to the above fact.

Which just flat out pissed me off.

I knew she never wore make up, it was brilliant that she didn’t need to wear it… like I always say you do you boo… but the way she want about it was so off putting that it made me WANT to say… for god sake woman just put some make up on!! (Which she did eventually.) 

She kept saying things like “I do not NEED to wear make up” (unlike others… she did not say this… but it was that feeling she was insinuating it) “to make MYSELF feel beautiful.” (unlike yous… again, she didn’t say this… just the feeling was implied). 

Which I do not want to be like.

Also this is probably why I think the way I think. I remembered that feeling of resentment towards JG. Not because she was a bad person, she wasn’t, I just didn’t like her building up her own self esteem by demeaning others. 

Have I done that in the past? Of course.

Do I still do that to this day? Honestly? Slightly… but its getting less and less. The more I compare myself to my past self rather than externally to others I find myself doing that less and less. 

Now back to the make up part… I do wear make up.

Just not for my shoots or post on my social media. Cause why put that pressure on myself? I just want it to be for fun. When I go no nights out and I wanna feel glam then I’ll wear make up.

I want my no make up ripple to be one on positivity and not built upon putting down others to build myself up.

You want to get lip fullers? FANTASTIC.

You want to get botox? AMAZING.

You want to wear a full face of beautiful make up everyday? FIERCE!

I want to go make up less. I want to try and make a ripple effect for others that want to be the same but are afraid.

I used to be afraid because I wanted to be considered beautiful, I wanted to be wanted. 

But I realised that I want someone to want all of me, with my many ‘imperfections’ that are unique to me. And make up my individuality. 

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading my lovelies. 


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