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Everything happens for a reason, heres why…


Jacket: ASOS, old. Similar one here.

T-shirt: ASOS.

Dress: Zara, old.Similar one here. and alternative, fun one here.

Belt: Topshop, old. Similar one here and alternative one here.

Trainers: Primark

Scarf: Old Pressie.

Photographer: Connull Drummond 

It’s such a cliche isn’t it? Everything happens for a reason. I know people hate cliches but I don’t. They are cliches for a purpose. Check out my thoughts on cliches and this one in particular.


My go-to online dictionary has defined a cliche as a noun that “is a trite, stereotyped expression…a popular or common thought or that, that has lost originality… impact by long overuse”.

Of course it has been long overused!

Because it makes sense. When something makes sense, when something is just that fundamentally right then it will certainly be a popular or common thought/phrase. Ask yourself this, if its a common thought then why is it so common? It must be for  reason. 

I have created a saying of my own, relatively recently (within the last decade ahaha); cliches are cliches for a reason. 

But I do feel like cliches have such a negative connotation within todays society.

I’m not sure if this is just me, because I haven’t really discussed this with anyone yet. But I feel like when I say a cliched sentence, like the one above, I have to follow it with a justification.

That giving the unoriginal saying, because it has been so overused, has switched off the other persons willingness to comprehend what am saying.

Why do I think that way? 

It seems so specific doesn’t it?

Well, thats because thats what I used to think that way. ahahah!  My mum would have her own wee sayings for me over the years and I would just mute my mind to them. 

Most of them were silly little ones, mostly about being a lady, education is key etc etc. 

I didn’t mute them because they were unoriginal (I don’t think mums are too bothered about their daughters being proper ‘ladies’ anymore.)… more so because I’ve heard it so many times before that I feel like it isn’t relevant to me. Or I’ve taken what I can from it and therefore there isn’t any point in me taking it in again.

However, after listening to over 50 Gary Vee podcasts, he says a few similar things again, and again. Even he says that people get on it him for repeating himself and he says it’s because it’s his truth. 

It is what he knows, and he needs to say the same thing again and again, from different perspectives, from different angles, in different ways because then it’ll stick, for another person.

One person can hear the same thing over and over again, but when they hear it in another way, or from a new person then it all just clicks. 

It falls into place in your mind and you just think… aha! You have that eureka moment where the picture is finally clear and it is not abstracted or fuzzy.  It just all makes sense. 

I feel like thats what cliches are, fundamentals that need to be reshaped to fit into someone else’s mind so they can understand it better, and therefore understand who they are. 


Cliches are fundamentals of life that can be a bit underestimated; it can be hard to fully understand how true they are.


I will then lead onto the cliche on my mind; everything happens for a reason. 

I was talking to ST and JH about this the other day. I feel like everything that has happened to me, has happened to me to make sure am not gonna be an asshole. Ahaha. 

My mind tends to remember the negative more because they have impacted me the most… or it could be that they tended to outweigh the positive. Who knows which is which? Its kind of like another age old question, what came first? The chicken or the egg? 

As I said in a previous post, the rejection bias, your mind usually remembers the bad more than the good. It’s usually why rejection cuts deep and can overwhelm you. 

I have had a lot of negative situations that I’ve been in, they tend to crop up in my mind more often than I’d like to admit.

As I have said many times before that I have been broken so many times that I don’t think I have pieces big enough to put together, if I got broken again.

But I also feel like the shit situations I’ve been in has made it nearly impossible for me to be a horrible person. I can get nasty, I can get negative but I know at the core of me I am a good person. 

I’ve had so many years of thinking I was disgusting, easily disposable and an all round bad person. 

I felt like I must’ve been. I had to be a fundamentally horrible human being to keep getting into shit situations and kept getting hurt/having people leaving me. 

But I’m not.

I’m not perfect. Not by far.

But I know now that I am a nice person. And that is such a relief.  To me. I don’t want to say I am a saint because I’m not, and I never wanted to be, or to come across that way. 

I just wanted to  be a nice person that could spread the word of attempted non judgementally. Not even sure if that is even a word. But thats what I want. 

I like people, I don’t trust quite a few of them but I like them. 

I have hope. 

I believe that there is good out there. 

I like talking to people, I like finding out there inner thoughts, their dark sides. I like to know it all. 

I don’t want to look down on anyone. I just want to know the yin and yang part of them. 

I used to resent and get sad over those that left me, that fucked off when I needed them, but now I don’t.

They did not want to carrying an unnecessary burden. And that is there right. They do not owe me anything, if they stayed with me. It would’ve been out of pity, and thats not what I wanted. 

I like this way of thinking a lot better;

Everything happens for a reason. Life can be a bitch and you can either allow it to fuck you up forever, or just for a period and then grow from it.

Thats what I want to do and that’s why I love cliches. I just had to think about them n a different way. 

What do you think?

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