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How a blog post cost me a job…


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That is correct… a blog post I wrote cost me a job. And it wasn’t for the reasons I thought it would be…


Ever since I’ve graduated all I wanted was a job in marketing, working for a company I believe in and get along with the my colleagues. That has been my dream when I started and finished my Postgraduate in International Fashion Marketing.  And still is now. 

But, like most jobs, it’s about being in the right place, at the right time and knowing the ‘right’ people. Which I have an amazing ability to NOT be. 

I see a few of my university counter parts in the jobs I’ve either had interviews for and failed to get due ‘to lack of experience’ (when I’ve had 2 years experience and the university acquaintance has had a few months.), or I have not heard back from at all and then I see another university acquaintance get the role. 

Does it piss me off?

Of course.

But I am also happy for them. 

Because to self indulge in a petty emotion such a jealousy or self righteousness never gets you anywhere and can be quite self destructive – I don’t know about you but for me it then leads down the path of questions such as whats wrong with me? why am I never good enough? have I wasted my time, energy and sanity towards an impossible dream? will I ever be the career women I dream of being?

That sort of thing.

I don’t want to think negatively towards someone else’s success. I want to be happy for them.

I then tend to lead towards the thought of how they are better suited, for a number of reasons that are obvious (they are all amazingly hard working and wonderfully creative.) and for some that aren’t (that only the business founders will know, they know their brand, their micro whereas I only have a basic understanding of their macro so makes sense they will know what or who is better for their company.)

So basically the reason why I don’t like thinking negatively on others is because it always goes back to belittling myself, which I don’t want to do. So if me being happy for others means being kinder to myself then woohoo! 😀 

(Self preservation at its best!).

If I end up being happy for them why is there any point in mentioning the jealousy part of my thought process?

Because I’m human.

Because I like to be as honest as I possible can so that people realise that jealousy, pettiness is a completely normal emotion. Do you have to act on it? Or actively voice your unhappiness at the unfairness of it all that they are hired and your not? 

There is no point. I’d much rather spend my time trying to better myself in the only way I know how and to keep producing content thats true to me and keep up the daily grind. 

Although – this is coming from a lucky perspective – I have a job now. If I didn’t have a job it would be an entirely different story. 

I would be actively pissed off. 

Being unemployed for that length of time gave me an entirely new insight into that side – a side I’d never thought i’d be apart of. And now I have an entirely new respect for those that are unemployed and actively seeking employment. Its really fucking difficult!

Anyways I digress.

The blog post that cost me a marketing job? “Men are ‘dicks’ and women are ‘psychos’….



Now I need to give you some back story into this. 

I went for an interview with a lovely women called LS, she was apart of an agency that went through the recruitment process on behalf of their clients to get the best prospective for them. 

I was super nervous for my interview, I arrived about my usual 20 mins early and waiting in the car to big myself up and get that confidence back that unemployment/numerous job rejections sucks out of you. 

The role I was applying for I knew without a shadow of a doubt I could do. I could easily have gone above and beyond for the role. It is within a sector that I am greatly passionate about – the mental health one. 

The role would’ve been to handle the marketings of a part within the mental health field. 

And LS said she was more than confident that I would get the job as I was more than qualified with my unique background, experiences, skill set and blog.

So when a recruitment agent says that… you get a bit excited don’t you?

I know I definitely did. 

But as a backup I applied for the job I’ve got now… and am so, so happy I did! 

Anyways after a few weeks into the new job I get a voicemail from LS to give her a call back when I could. She understood that I was working full time hours now so to call her back whenever.

I was pretty excited… I was thinking this it it… I could be starting me new job, my career role, my new life.

Of course that wasn’t meant to be.

LS said that my potential new boss was very impressed with my CV, how I came across at interview, my answers etc, etc…. but did not like my blog post; men are ‘dicks’ and women are ‘psychos’ 

They said I came across as ‘too aggressive’.

Which I laughed. I was confused. I was a bit flabbergasted… if am honest.

My first question was did the new boss actually read the blog post? 

The answer was no.

Which made sense… cause if anyone has read any of my blog posts they are passionate, they are a bit full on yes, but too aggressive? Not at all. 

I was so surprised… that someone so thorough enough to read my blog post titles… as you can see from the date of the blog post this one is not a new one… to not even bother to read the blog content itself? Now that was frustrating.

I understood where the new boss was coming from, if I actually wrote a really aggressive piece then it makes sense – as a company within the mental health sector – the last association they would want is an employee being angry and temperamental.

I get it.

But I didn’t think it was fair, or accurate.

I told LS this, I understood where she and the new boss where coming from and it was probably for the best we didn’t work together. The fit wasn’t right. Which is no ones fault really.

LS did ask me to change the title, and be weary of what I write in the future. Which I took into consideration. 

But I won’t censor myself for a job.

I started this blog to write my thoughts honestly and truly. Yes, it would be amazing to get some jobs from it, but I won’t use that as a reason to censor my thoughts. 

I don’t think I’m an offensive person. If the new boss did read the blog post and still found it too aggressive then all I could do was agree to disagree. 

So in summary, it wasn’t the blog post content itself that cost me a job, but the title itself. Which thankfully, since I already had a job, I wasn’t upset or angry at myself over it.

The right job will come along… hopefully.  

Maybe I should move to London?

What do you guys think? 

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies!


  • kiki

    That’s really sad but I guess I can see why they wouldn’t hire you.
    I love that you wouldn’t change your title. It’s really just a sign that you and that job weren’t meant to be, and that’s okay!

    Hope you find a better dream job <3
    ― Kiki

    • LucyCreber

      It is… I mean I get it.

      But at the same time I don’t. Am just so so happy that I already had a job sorted! ☺️

      Everything happens for a reason!

      Thanks for that Kiki me too ♥️

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