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What is more important? What spreads the personality more? Podcast? aka audio or blogging aka the written word? 


I’ve been thinking of this for a while now… audio or the written word? or written word over audio? 

Basically whether or not to start a podcast. 

I think it is a natural step forward for me? I’ve been talking about it on and off for while now with folk on the side.

Not too in depth because I don’t want to bug them with incessant questions but just a general ‘hey would like my content better over a podcast?’ or ‘would it be easier to consume my content through audio?’

And the most popular response has been a big resounding YES.

I didn’t want to go into it too much because I am still trying to figure out audio… and questioning or not whether I should start a new venture when I haven’t even reached intermediate level with the this one! 

For instance, is it ok to start a new project when your first project is still in the infancy stage? 

Is there a rule book or something I should follow or should I just say screw it and make my own rules? 

I’d love to just go all in on the send part of that… just make my own rules and go with the flow… what feels right. But at the same time I want to facilitate the wisdom of people that have done it before me and succeeded. I want to incorporate their blueprint into my plans.

Im not sure…


I have been doing a blog for a year now and… I find it so rewarding yet tiring, relaxing yet stressful.

It is such a weird feeling. 

It is a very oxymoronic venture for me. I have gone from working as a part time Marketing Manager, to unemployed and now working full time in an office setting! 

I am trying to meander my way around being creative, with budgeting, working out, learning a new job, handling several new projects both professionally and personally that something just had to give. 

And unfortunately for the last week or so its been the gym… 🙁 it makes me so, so sad to say that I haven’t been to the gym in over a week.. and that makes me so frustrated with myself and my gains journey; I feel like the muscles that I’ve worked so hard for are just wasting away! (They aren’t cause its only been a week or so, but I seriously love lifting weights ahaha)

But something had to give while I was adjusting to my new working situation and juggling personal and professional projects. So the gym had to go for a bit. 

Sorry for the tangent again! Now back to my blogging journey…

I thought I would be a lot further on than I am now, but at the same time I’m happy that I haven’t been some overnight success… because that would freak me the fuck out!

I would be like… right whats going on… who’s said what? What happens if the grammar Nazis highlight/make fun of my horrible sentence structuring/spelling errors? I know I am pretty open about my dyslexia but I do my best, but I am still very self conscious about it. Point it out to me, of course! But please don’t be angry at me if I get it wrong! ahah  

I wonder the logistics of overnight successes, like how? why? the wonders of viral marketing? 

How does that feel to wake up and suddenly be known by a hundred thousand people? 

That level of reach in a short space of time gives me the sweats.

 I want to be able to build it over time and have folk follow me because they like my shit, what I say or what I produce and grow with me through this journey – if they want. 


This then leads me to my next thought.. is  audio the right way to go? Should I start a podcast? 




As you well know I am a rapid follower of Gary Vee, I have mentioned him numerous times throughout my instagram feed (usually in the morning I screenshoot whichever Podcast am listening to. I find it is a great pick me up! That with a good cup of coffee wakes me right up and gets me buzzing for the day!) and he is all in on audio!

His daily podcast show posts every. Single. Day!

Now that is incredibly and there is so much value to what he gives and how he presents it. 

Its quite insightful and open to discussion which is amazing.

I know realistically I can never product a podcast a day, because it is just me. And I don’t have that time, man power or even the skill set (yet) capable of doing podcasting to the degree that Gary does.

Besides his content is information based and he is considered a motivational speaker. I love his content and I love what insight he gives into his success strategy for his media company but I also know that it is not the route I want to go down.

Here at the topics that have been mulling around in my head concerning/blocking from me starting a podcast;

What to do a podcast on?

What content do I want to talk about? I know I started initially as a fashion blogger but as I’ve gone on I realised the topics i like to bring up are more lifestyle of thought pieces about whats happening in my life or events of the world that I feel strongly about. 

I recently found a podcast that I would LOVE to do a Scottish version of it; It is called WHOREible decisions which I found on instagram thanks to Scandinaviandreamgurl who I follow for her amazing topics and how she puts men who slut shame women in their place 😀 .

Anyways WHOREible decisions is a completely open discussion on sex, men and music. It is very insightful and the stuff they are saying is things I want to talk about in my podcast. I have long since thought that if a women talks about sex then they are ‘gagging for it’ with anyone. Which is very frustrating- just because I am talking to you about sex doesn’t mean I want have sex with you, it just means your either talking about it and I’m contributing or you’ve asked me a question and I don’t mind answering it.

Ofc. there is times and place for these questions. If I feel like its uncalled for I wont answer because I don’t want too. 

But yeah I’d love to do a podcast talking honestly about sex and men, not to put them down put to share experiences and be honest about what women want and how they want it. 

That and I want to do a podcast on mental health – basically I want it to be whatever topic takes my fancy and I feel passionate about.

A part of me would love to do interviews with people!

Next questions I’ve asked myself; what about my intro?

I know this sounds like such a silly question but I want a intro that is musical and best represents me; Gary Vee’s intro is a song that starts with ‘we are going to be legends’ and am like… yep… that is very Gary… well how he comes across on all his platforms. 

So I’d like something like that – that captures my essence… just not sure what it is yet!  (R&B and hip hop one for sure… or just a mix of all the type of music? )

Last one; I hope I don’t piss people off with my voice

I have a very weird accent it has been described as american, posh scottish, a ‘university’ accent or canadian. 

I grew up in Perth, which I heard doesn’t really have a strong scottish accent anyways. 

And since I was a night owl and a bit of a loner I would just chill want watch ALOT of american tv shows, wishing I could be there instead on here. 

I, like most people, tend to emulate accents I am around a lot… it just so happens that americanism has just stuck with me. Which for most part I don’t really mind. But I know that when I do interviews I’ll end up adopting whoever I speaks too accent and it can annoy them.

Or just annoy people in general… I mean I can be a very annoying person and there isn’t much I can about that ahaha.

Now I want to ask yous a questions…

should I start a podcast? Am I even asking myself the right questions? Do you have one? If so please sure the link in the comments so I can check it out! 

What do you think?

Thanks for reading as always! 












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