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The 2018 Review: Part 1

Lets take a trip down memory lane, in my 2018 review. Not because I didn’t manage to get any photos scheduled for this weeks post… *cough* but because it is the last post before 2019 and I am very organised and smart to do this post 😀 *cough*  

But despite my complete lack of foresight for this moment, aka not having a shoot organised for my last ever 2018 post, this couldn’t be a better opportunity to look back and reflect. Which is basically the traditional mindset that people are usually feeling at this time. I think… its hard not to at this time. When something ends its usually where the brain goes to… reflection. 

I am such a rollercoaster of emotion right now; a part of me doesn’t want to look back, I just want to plough forward, focusing on the now and the future of it all. Whilst another part of me understands the value of looking back and reflecting – occasionally. 

For instance there is not point in continuously focusing back on situations that are long gone and are completely done. (For example all the jobs I lost, or the SA situation.)

I want to go over this month by month.

A part of me wants to give an overview on the month as a whole, another part of me wants to give bullet points of each blog post I wrote throughout the month. To see if there was a common theme through out it all. In all honesty because I’ve just sat down to write this I am not entirely sure which route I am going to go down. Or how I am going to layout this post. I usually like to just wing it and go with what I feel looks right and suits my layout preferences. Or on the rare occasion I’ve managed to plan my posts in advance I’ll research into the topics I’m interested in and able to see the different ways to layout my information! 

Also because I’ve left it too late I’m not sure if there is any point in my doing a poll to get some feed back. (via instagram). So I am just going to reflect and decide which one would be best. That is something I plan on changing in 2019; more planning and instagram/twitter polls to help me decide on what to do. I know I’ve done the occasion poll on twitter to decide what topic to do, or instagram to vent. 



The First of Many

  • I remember when I first started my blog I was thinking of the types of titles I wanted… bare in mind I was going through one of my major friends marathon and I really liked how the started all the episode titles with The… so I wanted to do the same.. I was like ooooh, this is a very unique way of titling it. 
  • This is also when I did my commentary in the photo captions… like my thoughts through each photo, what I was looking at out with the image or why I was reacting a certain way. And just basically pocking fun at myself for my awkward posing!
  • This is also when I attempted to illustrate the complexities of having dsylexia and writing… by putting in the dates and how long it took me to edit it properly… which I did not keep up! Partly because I was embarrassed by the amount of edits i needed to do… and partly because I didn’t have enough time to edit properly before I posted – I am a big believer that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just real.

The World is Getting Smaller

  • This is the 2nd shoot I ever did for my blog – and it is completely unfiltered. I wanted to keep it as real as possible. I felt like alot of bloggers where editing to the point where it didn’t look natural and I wanted to be as realistic as I could… which I did not stick to. I find editing as a way to enhance natural aesthetics.
  • I should also state that this is when I realised I liked to discuss lifestyle topics over fashion! I talked about me running into 2 separate people from different periods in my life and how weird it was for me to see them together in my present! 
  • This is also when I first reveal how bad my memory is! 


The Style Icon edit: Phoebe Buffay of….

  • Aaaah I completely forgot I did this. I really liked doing this post… I saw it as a fun way to incorporate some form of fashion input with one of my favourite characters.
  • Also I came up with this because I wasn’t able to get any of my friends to take photos of me. 
  • The layout was inspired by a post done by the Man Repeller (which I linked in the post) I’m a big believer in crediting sources that I’ve used! would you guys like to see more of these types of posts? 



The Rejection bia…

  • First blog post I did that referenced journal articles I read for it. I was bit nervous referencing journal articles… not sure why… I think its because I didn’t want to come across as pompous? Which I know is silly! ahaha
  • This is also when I talk about my first job rejection I ever got. (I’ve had plenty of email/ghosting rejections from job applications – this was about my first letter one.)
  • I basically talk about turning a bad situation upside down and trying to learn from it. Which can be fucking hard to do… especially when you don’t have a job… easier to say when you have one! 

The only me I can be …

  • This is a Greatest Showman dedication post. 
  • When I saw the movie with Caz I literally cried in the cinema when ‘This is Me’ was on. I felt an unbelievable connection with this song. I got goosebumps and cried. 
  • I can only be myself, and people may not like me – thats completely normal. But I know am not a bad person. This post is also when I turn the 3 criticisms I’ve received about myself and turned them around. Perspective is everything.

The Sunshine Blogger Award: My edit…

  • My first question chain blog post! (I think thats what these types of posts are called anyways!)
  • Was Tagged by Emma Rollason to answer 11 blogging related questions and then I had to tag others and get them to answer my 11 blogging questions.
  • it was my first time attempting to tag gifs to my post and I was actually quite stressed out about this post. They gifs to ages to properly set up… and some them of them stopped working now! Ahaha 

The times closure is not an option…

  • This was my first post talking about the SA situation…I think I total I have 3 posts concerning that matter?
  • I purposely didn’t use pro-nouns. Like him, he, his  because I didn’t want to gender-alise my partners. I like who I like and thats that. I wanted to leave that out as much as I could.
  • Re-reading this post made me cringe… I haven’t heard from SA in months and am glad. That whole scenario had fuckboi written all over it. 


Times not always a healer: In loving memory

  • This post is dedicated to Neil, he died on the 3rd March, 8 years ago. 
  • I just want to open up about how I was feeling, how raw all the emotions were, and still are. Sometimes time isn’t a healer. But it does make it easier to manage.
  • I also gave some tips on how to help someone going through a loss. Cause I lost a stepdad, but my mum lost her husband… and that shit is awful to face. 

The LFW Review Part 1

  • I was really excited to do this review! I spending days and hours looking over the the catwalk shows, to see which trends I liked, common ones, which ones I would actually wear.
  • Ended up with 4 categories and split them into 2 posts. 
  • This one is Frills and Florals then Preppy and Tailored. Which I still love the styles now (I just ordered a tailored outfit from the Zara sale so still going strong for me ahaha.)

The LFW Review! Part 2

  • These categories were Textile and Colour Blocking then Athleisure and Arty.
  • I LOVE the arty trend I categorised… but I realised that I probably wouldn’t wear that in my everyday life… all the time. Im pretty sure I would on occasion!
  • I am STILL in love with the oriental print that Temperley London combined with the polka dots… in fact I managed to get a River Island Blazer look alike one which I love! (Its the one in my ‘Your happy place’ post what do you think? 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing…

  • My first ever definition blurb.
  • Another input from the SA situation. Another situation where he has proven himself a token fuckboi.
  • Dumped me by text, twice… yep. I am not doing myself any favours with this situation. 

Why I have a cinema phobia…

  • talked about past experiences and why I am not a massive fan of the cinema.
  • It has gotten a lot better with going to the cinema, I can sit in one and I only get slightly anxious. Which is a big win. I realised that as soon as I put it out there I felt a sense of ease… one or two folk messaged me to let them know they felt the same and that made me feel a lot better about it. Like I wasn’t alone. 
  • Also this was an impromptu shoot by Laura Griffin, she was so nice to do it for me! I had only spoken to her maybe once or twice but she was nice enough to lend me her photography skills!


2018 Mystery Blogger Award: My edit…

  • My second ever chain blog post.
  • I find that this is a nice way of connecting bloggers together, it shows who you follow and then can spread the word on what they are about.
  • I liked this one cause you were asked to share your best posts and I divided it into two; fashion related ones and getting to know me ones!

Are we all ignorant?

  • My views on why ignorance is bliss. 
  • My real life experience where I was angered by someone calling me ignorant. And doesn’t that prove my ignorance? 
  • My views on being open minded and honest towards potentially innocent but may come across as ignorant questions.

Self worth is a balancing act…

  • First session with Mr PT! (Or if you follow my instgram then DC Fitness.
  • Speaking about my fitness journey so far and why I decided the get a PT, and so glad I did!!
  • And somehow this talk then lead off to me talk about my ideal partner and what I am looking for… I go off on some wild tangents. 

“Where are you from…?” How I feel about being adopted.

  • The shoot I did with my friend C, her and her daughter came with me!
  • Tried to give this post from two different points of view; my mums and my own. 
  • The first half to the post talks about my mum’s journey with it and the second half brings up the questions that plague my mind. 


And thats all for this part 1 my intention for to split it into 2 parts but then I realised with my layout function that it would be waaaaaayyyy too long! 

I decided to split the months up evenly and split it into 4 parts. So this is the end of part 1. Part 2, 3, and 4 will be coming through the weeks of January! 

Would that be ok for you guys? 

If you have a better idea or just want them in a oner then I can attempt to do that for ya! Just let me know 🙂 

Thanks for reading, for following my journey and for letting me be apart of your life at some point this year… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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