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The 2018 Review: Part 3 (The Last one!)



Celibacy Dating, is it worth it?


  • It feels so weird re-reading this as I was chatting about celibacy dating then and now I am currently chilling in my room with my boyfriend… and we definitely don’t have a that sort of dynamic! Ahaha. It feels weird because I’m in such a different place now.
  • This post talks about how I tend to put the others feelings before my own – especially sexually. I would usually feel quite frustrated and annoyed at myself. I felt my inhibitions were stopping me from utilising sex to its maximum capacity. I am too busy being in my own head and worrying about upsetting my partner. My boyfriend keeps telling me I need to stop being anxious and its something I’m learning slowly but surely. I’ve discovered theres differences between being a selfless lover – which is a good thing – and being held back by your own anxiety!
  • I also mention how uncomfortable I feel having first time sex with anyone – sober. I prefer to be drunk or slightly intoxicated. Having sex with someone is such a soul revealing thing – or can be when your sober and being all intimate and mushy. But when I am drunk I just want to have a laugh and get to it!

The Relationship overview…


  • I mention KS, a guy I met off tinder who I ended up getting along with – as a friend – we chatted about anime stuff together and got along so it was nice to date someone that wasn’t purely trying to get into my pants.
  • I talk about sexual compatibility – what I didn’t realise is HOW important that compatibility is. You can really like someone, even love them, but if the sexual compatibility doesn’t match up then – depending on what it is – it can’t be worked on or fixed. And depending on the dynamics can lead to one person settling. As in not fulfilling their full sexual satisfaction. Which can be quite frustrating.
  • I absolutely love, love this outfit still. I’d still wear it today… although the shirt is so pristine that I partly don’t want to wear it, in case I get it dirty. I am so, so messy! 

Did you know it’s Suicide Prevention Month…?


  • This topic was all over my feed and I was happy that it was. I believe that this sort of subject needs to be normalised . . . to be able to openly speak about this without prejudice and judgement is what is needed. I like how people are beginning to verbalise it – in whatever depth they feel comfortable going too.
  • I also mentioned how the last time I felt suicidal and the reception I got opening up about it – it was negative one. Tbh it wasn’t the best. And that is what I expected. I was in a very co-dependant relationship. I took so much responsibility onto myself when it should have been 50/50.
  • I shoot this blog post on top of a building and it was raining… the funny thing is it was with KS who modelled and was giving me tips the whole time! That is probably why they turned out so good. 

Where do you get your over confidence from!?


  • For this I was definitely channeling my inner asian school girl feel with a combo of quirky british! Ahaha am not sure if I successfully did it. Never the less I love the end outfit idea. I would definitely wear this again. There are some outfits you wouldn’t wear again and others you would definitely make a re-return on (yes again a HIMYM reference! One of my fave tv shows!).
  • This post deals with an on going debate I have with my friends and my mum – apparently I come across as really over confident and I don’t know why. Anyone that knows me knows that I lack a lot of confidence in myself and in what I have to offer to my job/people/relationships. So how can I be overconfident? I think I cracked the code though, as I explained in this post!
  • Another back story is… this cardigan is from Urban Outfitters and truth be told I am not a massive fan of Urban Outfitters – I think its a bit pretentious and over priced. But that could be my ignorance talking… I got this cardigan and I honestly LOVE it. It is one of my 2018 best buys ever! It has seriously made me re-think Urban Outfitters appeal! Definitely go in there for some high quality fashionable items. 

Meat eater attending a Vegan Pamper Night…


  • I combined this blog post with product photos because I didn’t have enough good outfit photos to build up my usual blog aesthetic. Ahaha dropping a truth bomb right there! Another one is I actually like the fact that when I am doing a blog post about an event I attend it shows off the progress/stages of the event. So because of this I will probably do this again in the future!
  • I am very good friends with the owner of Tempo Tea and they have been asking me for ages to do a shoot there to show off how amazing it is and I thought perfect. This is a chance to combine the two! I honestly cannot express how much I love that place. The staff there are so nice and friendly and the milk tea is divine! (Defo recommend a visit – its in Queen Street so very Glasgow city centre and easy access!)



Winter is here…


  • Truth bomb part 2000 … I did this shoot entirely on my own. With my camera, tripod and the camera timer. Which is why one or two of the photos are blurry as hell and some of them are flat lays. I literally had no one else to help me take photos and as usual – I wasn’t organised for my weekly post! heh….heh…. (I really need to get my shit together!)
  • I also decided to use this opportunity to make this about fashion basics for winter – which I was actually quite happy to do. I wanted to do more posts that were more fashion based. I was beginning to think my lifestyle posts were becoming a bit self indulgent. what do you think?
  • Also… how can you go wrong with a long coat and a bomber for winter overcoats!? Genuinely the best buys I’ve ever had for winter!

My first trip to a Prison…


  • I can now happily say that my (now) boyfriend took these photos. I say happily because… he didn’t want to be acknowledged… and now he is my boyfriend he has no choice but to be acknowledged! 😀 Out of respect to his wishes I didn’t credit him but now that we are officially together – as much as he would hate it – he is my instagram boyfriend. 
  • This outfit is mostly Zara… the bum bag, top, skirt – which is new. So this just shows how excited I was to do a shoot in my new fashion finds of the season and I honestly love them. The top and skirt I have re worn again on many occasions! The bum bag I am struggling with in all honesty! I want to wear again.. just dunno when or with what! (Anyone have any tips?!)
  • This post was about my first trip to prison.. which was definitely an eye-opener. It was interesting analysing how I felt about the visit, the reactions of others knowing I was going and the experience itself!

Work to Live? Or Live to Work. Is one better?


Photographer: Connull Drummond 


  • One of the first shoots I ever posted helped by Connull. He is an amazingly talented photographer that I am genuinely in awe of. He is not only creative and genuine but laid back and open to suggestions. Which, for a socially awkward goofball like me, is amazing to work with. I know he posted an instagram story about not working with people that dictated to him and used him wasn’t a reference to me because I love working with him and his vision. Talented guy!
  • These jeans are my first ever “Mom style” jeans that look good on me. . . and they are from the gem that is Primark! I have absolutely adored the Mom style jeans for agggeeeeeessss. But they never seemed to look good on me. I resigned myself to think my body type just did not suit that style. And then I found Primark’s Mom jeans… and I LOVE them! They make me feel 90’s and quirky! Highly recommend them if you have the same shape as me!
  • This post is about having a work life balance and how I feel about it! 

Readjusting dynamics …


Photographer: Connull Drummond 

  • Done on the SAME day as the above post… I just brought a change of clothes in my gym bag and changed in the toilets. Connull was lovely enough to wait for me while I threw my clothes on together! 
  • I genuinely HATE how much my hair is sitting in these photos. I feel like my baby hairs are going crazily all over the joint. But since I try to edit as little as possible, I wanted to – on principle – post these photos as a way of being like yes… I am a no make up blogger… and yes I DO edit… but not everything! 
  • Also another thing is I guess yous would’ve guessed by now – I am a bit of a clothes border. These over the knee socks I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember where I originally got them from! Ahaha.


How do you define ‘success’?

Photographer: Connull Drummond

  • My attempt at re-defining what ‘success’ is and how it is a bit outdated. In a nut shell! The pressures of being nearly thirty and not being at the ‘normal’ point in my life where I am able to have a husband and children. If others want to do that then good on them, no tea no shade no pink lemonade, but basically both camps should just not look down on each other and celebrate each other for making the decisions they want to do for themselves. 
  • I talk about how the definition of success is subjective to who you are and at what point in your life your at. Basically I am comparing the differences  between old me vs. new me definitions of success. 
  • This photoshoot was done in my friends and girlfriends flat in Edinburgh! It was in a quick one and it was in the middle of a takeaway mix up that ended in a worry that all of our food would come with a side of spit! ahaha! 

Finding the motivation…


  • This shoot was done by a pal of mine, S, who used to be a model so S was giving some very very good modelling advice. S could see how nervous I was so it really helped!
  • This post talks about how I find my motivation through my inner determination to better myself – compared to myself. Ahaha I like to contribute my motivation as being raised by a hard working single mum combined with the fact that I continually try to learn new things about myself and others.
  • It was so cold out that I had to layer this dress with a polo jumper underneath it..I would normally like to just wear this dress by itself… but the weather asked for it to be layered … it was absolutely freezing!

Why am I a no make up blogger?


  • I was so, so happy to get my funky as hell trainers from Marks and Spencers… I honestly love them and at the same time gutted that they sold out so quickly! I wanted to be the proud spreading-the-gospel blogger!
  • It was done in my friends flat…in between a lot of catch up chats, drinking and eating. 
  • This posts explains why I am a no make up blogger and how important it is to be able to say to someone – I may not agree with it for myself but I can appreciate what your doing for you. 

Should the best defence really be an offence?


Photographer: Connull Drummond


  • A fun fact… someone from the digital marketing team on the Next instagram page asked to use my photo of this dress in their feed. Of course I said yes as soon as I could! Not going to lie it was a highlight of my week!! (Didn’t happen but still a lovely morale booster that I was even asked!).
  • This one didn’t a quick change in the toilets too. It was quite a cold day and I know i have 3 layers on a part of me was thinking about how much I wished I’d bought thermals from Primark to hide underneath my layers in order to stay warm. 
  • This post is about how much people use offence as the best defence and they really, really shouldn’t. Even though its the easiest thing to do – and everyone does it – it just ends up being a detriment to their mental well being. 


Everything happens for a reason, heres why…


Photographer: Connull Drummond

  • My rant on how undervalued cliches are … why they should be taken seriously and my conclusion as to why they are overused. 
  • I love my patchwork faux fur jacket… but I was absolutely bloody freezing going through the Christmas market in this!! Well my top half was cosy but cause I was a moron and didn’t wear thick tights my lower half was like ice!
  • This is when I also told Connull about my boyfriend and he was surprised that I was dating someone younger than me. 


How do you know your being brave?


Photographer: Connull Drummond


  • This shoot is way, way too dark from my liking or for my feed. But also at the same time I can really appreciate the atmospheric quality of it all… so even though my gut is like mmm it doesn’t go with my feed…. but it is so cool! lol 
  • This post was inspired by a coworker of mine; JK, who is doing better now. Thank you so much for those that asked!
  • Bravery is multidimensional… it depends on how much you struggle and how much you keep going forward even in the face of it all. 

How a blog post cost me a job…


Photographer: Connull Drummond


  • This is a outfit I would defo wear again.. these trousers are little gems I bought in Zara that I was ummm and aaah over… as in I was thinking of not buying them at all… as I wasn’t sure if they were my style or if I would be able to wear them more than once – turns out they were, and I did! 
  • This was taken in St. Enoch during christmas… and it was my first super busy photoshoot… I did this one with Connull when people were rushing about getting their christmas shopping done (thank god! therefore no time to pay attention to make awkwardly posing!).
  • The stag trees were absolutely fucking HUGE!!

Podcast or blog?


  • This was shoot on my weekend trip away for my boyfriends birthday… yep I defo made him do the blogger boyfriend duties of taking my outfit photos even on his weekend away ahaha.
  • The shirt is his… and he thought it looked so good on me that he tried to make me keep it!
  • That jacket was also one bargain buy that I bought in Primark several years ago that I could bring myself to give away/sell! 


That is the last of the 2018 Review! How did you find it? I’m sorry for spreading it out across 3 parts! I wanted to do put it in one post but with the layout of it I figured it would be way, way too long and overwhelming!

Hope these ones weren’t too much for ya! Any topics you want me to cover in the future?

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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