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My One Year Blog Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to Style Irregular, Happy Birthday to SI, Happy birthday to Meeeeee! Celebrating my one year blog anniversary by changing up my site. what do you think?


I’ve been debating changing the layout for a while but I wasn’t sure if I should or if it was the right thing to do … you know the whole if it ain’t broke don’t fix it type of mentality.

But it’s been a whole year… a whole 365 days since I started this journey. I figure that since I’ve grown and changed so much as a person and as a blogger that it makes sense to change the layout of my blog as well.

So my personal blog reflects my growth. I hope you guys like the new layout? 


But first… where and why did it begin?

Good question… I realised that since I have a tendency to go off on tangents that I should probably make more use of titles. I find they keep me a bit more focused on the linear topics at hand that follow a clear beginning, middle and end. Rather than my usual, beginning to another story back to the beginning to end up at the end with a bit of the middle to explain the ending… which sounds confusing… which I know I can be so yes… titles good, waffling (like what I am doing now!) bad!

Anyways I do not know if you’ve read my The 2018 Review: Part One and if curiosity go the better of you and you read my first ever blog post: The first of many… you would’ve come to find I wanted to start my blog over 5 years ago!

Thats right I took my dear sweet time starting this blogging journey… 5 years of battling my inner anxiety telling me I would never be good enough. Would never be deemed worthy in such a saturated market bursting to the brim of fantastic bloggers, so why even bother? 

You know what changed? I had a moment of absolute clarity… I had a massive ‘fuck it’ moment. 

It came about during my New Years evening I spent with my mum and her friends. I didn’t have any plans with my friends, I wasn’t invited to any celebrations and I knew my friends where busy with their other friends and family so I didn’t want to burden anyone. 

And also I didn’t want to be the sad loser that didn’t have New Year plans to get excited about – it was then that I thought… you know what? I’m gonna make 2018 my year… I am going to make it the year that all the times I am on my own due to me being a loner with erratic friend occasions patterns to productive use and spent that time working towards something I’ve always wanted to do – my blog.

And I must say it’s worked a treat! I shifted the focus onto myself and my projects; when I started my blog I also started my fitness journey so I was able to work for both during the times I’m on my own and I am so happy I did. 

More time on my projects and less time over-analysing and worrying about no one liking me/being a loner/loser and just thinking – we are all living our lives. We don’t have time for everyone and thats ok. Life gets in the way. 

So thats why I finally got the courage to start my blog; because I was sick of worrying over my lack of friends and wanted to get stuck into projects I can be proud of and keep myself busy at the same time! 😉 

The Discovery Stage: My Findings

I looked up the different ways that bloggers celebrate their One Year Anniversary (or blogiversary! I wonder if that word is even a thing?) and there was a few suggestions I saw that I rather liked .

Pish to Posh by Amanda

In my quest for knowledge and seeing what others have done to lay a foundation for how a One Year Anniversary is celebrated I came across a really sweet blog called from Pish to Posh by Amanda – I hadn’t heard of her before and it was only through searching out Blogiversary ideas that I came across her blog in the first place. Her O N E year B L O G anniversary post has lovely photos in it. I love how she tells the story of her year through photos and annotates them – I especially love how she used to live in London and then moved to the States. Which I find quite courageous and exciting; courageous because moving is stressful enough, but moving to a whole other country is another level all together! And exciting because its a new adventure! Its a whole new start – a new culture – a new way of life! 

I’ve always loved the idea of moving around a lot – I guess its because I am a bit of a loner and I don’t make friends that easily. I love meeting new people but I just dunno how to keep friends around. Thats a puzzle that I’ve never really figured out.  

Anyways Amanda’s post layout was super cute and as much as I loved it I didn’t want to take her idea – because I don’t want my photos to take up too much of my posts. Which is just my own personal preferences and I have to remain true to myself.




Everyday Parisian by Rebecca

I then came across Everyday Parisian and I have just one word…. wow! I thought I was creating my own little bubble community to connect with others like myself by just simply being myself (i.e writing the types of posts I feel like writing… which all blogger should do really… but what I mean by that is I don’t plan ahead with my posts… because I write upon reflection on what happens in my daily life so therefore it can lead to me panicking when nothing writing worthy happens during the week.) 

BUT as Rebecca writes about her My One Year Blog Anniversary I realised that I was doing sweet he-haw about creating a community for my followers… and my apologies! Rebecca had started several series related to her blog core and was talking about her hours of strategy meetings with her friend which is such an inspiring thing to read. This behind the scenes brainstorming is not something you see or hear about on a regular basis… it could be because then secrets are leaked out and people steal content? I think? Or maybe its because the strategic planning of content doesn’t sound sincere and therefore counter productive to show that process? 

Well I am not sure why it isn’t really shown but would you guys like to see me brainstorming blog ideas? I had a few in the making before I started my posts but they didn’t seem attainable – as I was struggling to write one post a week let alone write/schedule/plan/edit for a couple of posts at a time when it took all my energy to do one post on time let alone doing several at once. 


Lil’ Thoughts with Jen

The very first thing that came to mind when I clicked onto this blog was… omg her smile is absolutely beautiful. I swear to god the first time I saw Jen I thought aww I’d love to be her friend! Ahaha she looks so damn friendly and lovely! 

Anyways a bit off topic… what I really liked about her Happy One Year Blog – Anniversary is that she started with a quick overview of the beginning which I loved so much that I did the same as well! Makes sense that when your celebrating one year you reflect to where it all began. 

You just never know who has read what. And its just a bit presumptuous (maybe this isn’t the right word… I mean that its good to clarify so you know that everyone knows!) to assume someone has been following your journey from the beginning so they might not even know where or how you started! 

What Jen has done is incorporate her blog name with her post titles, which I think is pretty cool too, and she has thanked those that have helped her with her journey which I think is a great way to wish your blog a Happy Birthday – thanking the others that made it possible!

Which is exactly what I am going to do…


My Numerous Photographers: Friends, Family and all those in between.

I honestly wouldn’t ever have a blog without every single one of my friends and family helping me along the way. I always feel bad about making them go out of their way to take photos for me but they always reassure me.

I love all of you guys that have helped me shoot, thank you;

My Mum – she is the one responsible for my fave beach shoot in Broughty ferry!

Michael Knight – my first friend that helped me with my photos… thank you so much for showing me new places around Glasgow. Also for showing me that lovely tea shop I keep meaning to go back to. (But I cant cause I cant remember the name or where it is.)

RS – she is an amazing amateur photographer,  a friend I made in uni who I’ve recently lost contact with because we are both so busy with life! Hope to chat to you soon 🙂 

CL – a friend I used to work with who is so understanding and helped me when I was desperate – honestly think you so much for helping me whilst you were looking after DL. 

SP – my Edinburgh photographer and graphic designer. Wee Posty helped me design the first every Style Irregular blog layout and she has a lovely graphic creative eye! Its amazing what she can do on a computer!

VB – another Edinburgh friend that helps me when I am in need. Thank you so much, you and SP are both amazing pals for putting up with my whole frantic running around finding places to shoot – interrupting our catch ups to get my shit done!

JS – another friend who I’ve known for over 10 years. He has been with me through thick and thin and couldn’t have as many amazing nighttime adventures in Glasgow without him 🙂 

SA –  the guy who dumped me twice by text, not a nice ending BUT he did take one of my fave winter photos so had to mention him!

KS/JS2 – thank you for the help. 

Connull Drummond – my latest photographer that I had the pleasure of collaborating with. He is a very talented and focused guy so thank you so, so much for working with me and lending me your creative ear and mind. It’s so much fun to bounce ideas off you – hope to work with you again in the future. Also excited to see what other projects you’ve got coming up. 

Lastly… and certainly not least…

Jack – my boyfriend, thank you so much for helping me, for listening to me even though you hate SM and don’t understand some of things am talking about. The fact you still help me when I need you and don’t sit by and watch me stress about trying to find a photographer I really appreciate it!

In Conclusion

Thats how I want to end my One Year Blog Anniversary… by thanking those that helped me get this far. I don’t know if you saw my post of me attempting to do a shoot on my own – Winter is here… – it was awful! Some cool close up detail shoots but none of the fun long shoots that I like.

I also wanted to thank you… yes you… for everyone single one of you three to eight people that read my blog posts and take the time to write me a comment or two. I am well aware that my blog is still a fledging – and rather than feel sad about the big booming numbers that I am not getting. 

I want to say how grateful I am that you took the time to read this. And if you have read my posts from either the beginning , mid way or just now… genuinely thank you. 

Hope you like the new blog layout my lovelies.



    • LucyCreber

      Aww thank you so much! I was worried in case it wouldn’t look good! Ahaha yeah only one year! Feels likes it’s been longer. Thanks again for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment xx

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