How I Style Sale Steals: Mix and Matching…

I love a good bargain… who doesn’t? The reason why I am starting my Style Sale Steals: Mix and Match is because I find that by the time I go around to posting my looks they are either sold out or have disappeared from the internet. So here we go – How I Style Sale Steals: Mix and Matching… the new sale buys with what I already have in my wardrobe. 


I was wondering around the shops the other day – the nearest one that has decent shops to me is Glasgow Fort (ever been there?). I noticed that most of the shops had crappy one or two rail sales left whereas I looked at ZARA and their sale looked so damn good!

I couldn’t resist, so walked in and it was like I walked into an onslaught of different colours, fabrics and messes – which isn’t a dig – its just the truth. Sale times are ALWAYS messy.

I love going shopping on my own. I hate going with people when am looking for myself, I just like to get lost in my own wee world. I like to wander around and take as much time as I want without worrying about bothering others.

The Red Satin Dress

The fringing detail caught my eye just as I was about to make my last walk around the shop.

I saw this and thought wow… I could look like a latina goddess in this…

Which I know I couldn’t but that was the first thought that struck me. I also liked the thought of combining these with my ankle boots that I got in TK Maxx for a casual day look. I loved the thought of combing this with a black body underneath or/and a chunky knit over it for winter. Because its satin I also wore fleece warm tights underneath because it is so, so cold! (I wore this outfit for having dinner with Jack’s dad!).

And I also thought this could be good for a date night with Jack. Not that we go on much fancy date nights – but this would be perfect for a romantic meal out – or going for a couple of drinks. Or even a family occasion. Not too revealing!




The Leopard Print Trousers

As you’ve probably guessed I LOVE leopard print. Out of all my ZARA sale steals almost all of them were leopard print- instead of the red satin dress and my black top…

However… these trousers I wasn’t so sure of… I was staring at them for a bit. Just ummming and aaaaaahing. And usually when I am that indecisive about buying clothes I don’t get them.  Usually when I pick out something I can think of multiple outfits with it – whereas if I can’t it usually just ends up in the back of my closet collecting dust.

HOWEVER – this time I tried them on in the changing rooms and I was pleasantly surprised. They not only looked good on (which is the best plus of all) I suddenly got all these ideas of when, where and what to wear with them. The first pair on were too big so the hunt for the right size also got me determined to buy them! Ahaha.

I love it when you can mix and match clothes that can change from day wear to night wear – get more usage out of it.

I think these trousers with chunky trainers would be quite urban and comfortable. This with a polo neck body and a cardigan would be good for me to stay warm – I absolutely HATE the cold. That and a black beanie for extra cosiness.

For a night out these with a sexy bralet would be stunning on a night out. I am actually quite excited at the thought of going on a night out with Jack and him seeing me strutting up with looking fab in that outfit.






In Conclusion…

I bought 5 ZARA sale items – but because this is me testing out my Style Sale Steals type of posting let me know if this is something you would like to see more of? I was thinking of doing this around about the end of every month- about the time people get paid so they can treat themselves and not break the bank.

Which is what I like to do. I like to go on a wee shopping spree that treats myself and doesn’t leave me skint for the rest of the month. So please let me know if the comments or via social media!

Does anyone else get excited when they buy something new? I LOVE that getting something new feeling. In fact I went on a little recon around the ZARA sales before that shopping spree and I was so lost in my own wee world that I didn’t even notice Jack was following me around for about 10 minutes.

THAT is how oblivious I am/how much I love shopping. I plan out several occasions to were multiple outfits too. Please tell me other people do this as well!?

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies!


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