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Is adulting overrated…?

Adulting IS overrated… but necessary. Life is hard and there is shit you have to do even if you don’t like it. 

What is adulting?

I’ve seen this word used quite a lot. 

In fact I use it on a daily basis. I’ve been having to do a lot of adulting recently – acquiring a new full time job, that requires the limited spare time I have left to do the ‘adulting’ menial tasks before leisure time. Which in turn means it floats across my brain a hell of a lot. 

The dictionary defines ‘adulting’ as; 

“the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

Which fits in perfectly with my initial thought – it IS overrated but it is a necessity of life. You can’t go forward without adulting.

It’s a concept that awes me when others do it so well AND still manage to do everything else. 

Like seriously… HOW can you keep your home looking so showroom ready? 

WHERE do you find the time to not only hold down a full time job, but do all the adulting menial tasks, excel in your work, social and own personal goals?

WHEN does someone get to that stage were that sort of juggling becomes easier to manage/maintain? 

Every time I think I have a handle on it -another aspect gets added into the mix and I realise I need to adjust my settings. Not sure if thats the correct analogy but thats what it feels like. 

In all honesty I think its because I’ve never had a full time job, yep thats the gods honest truth. Nearly 30 and never had a full time job – so this new adjustment is taking me longer than expected (proof as this post was late because I couldn’t find the time to write it throughout the week!)

I used to think adulting was making hard life decisions between crucial moments. You know… do you take column A over column B that will define your future? 

That level of adulting is a moment – it isn’t actual adulting. Adulting is making the smaller decisions to do the chores that are necessary to do when your not living at home. 

The times when you need  to take accountability for your space, laundry, cooking, cleaning and other household chores.

Adulting is making the daily decisions to do these menial tasks that are basic to household chores – or menial tasks that help feed the body and mind (aka researching/educating/fitness meal prepping.)

This with the added on fact of trying to having a social life, work life and extra project life can be a challenge to juggle. 


Why is adulting necessary? 

Because unless you can afford the luxury of a house cleaner, a maid, a helper, an accountant or to outsource the menial adulting chores, you just plain have to do them.

Which, if you have the financial capacity to do outsource them, then good on yous. Because you are lucky buggers, (I’m assuming hard working) but still lucky buggers.                                                                                

””””””””””””””””’ ‘                                     mI am by no means the master of adulting, I would the say the master of it is my mum. I tend to let things slide a lot – for example my room. 

It is a bombsite.

I never used to care if it was messy, cause I knew it was never dirty, just chaotic. But as I’ve gotten older and realised that I like to try and get as much order into my life as possible I’m realising that my organised chaotic room was just no good. 

Adulting can be something as simple as keeping your room organised. And when you have as much stuff as I do all compacted into a small space then organisation is a must.

And it saves money. I think another major activity of adulting is doing the food shop, food prep and laundry – and because fitness and the gym is a big part of my life – meal prepping not only saves me panic-buying low calorie expensive products but helps me track my intake of nutrients easier cause I know exactly what I am putting into my body. 

When I am keeping up to date on my laundry then it stops me from going out and panic buying random basics that I find myself running low on – at the moment black ankle socks seem   to be the clothing basic that I struggle to find.

I dunno about yous but I find the reason why I struggle to find basic black ankle socks is because I always, always end up with a huge hole on the big toe part of my sock… O.o.

In which case then i need to put one of them in the bin… I mean I suppose I could sew it back together. But the big challenge is time… or even skillset to do that. Is there a certain way to sew a hole in a sock back together? 

I think this is something I need to youtube about in the future.         

Why is adulting overrated?

I know I’ve spent all this time explaining the importance and admiration for those that can adult and adult exceedingly well.

But all in all I think that while it is necessary it is still equally important to have a bit of spontaneity about yourself and your leisure time. 

Still keep your childlike glee about things that matter to you. 

I like to have allocated times for this – which doesn’t sound spontaneous at all but in fact it is.

Nothing beats the freedom and exhilaration of knowing that not only does the free time you have acquired is earned but it IS actually your genuine free time.

You managed to tick off all your adulting tasks for the week – but did some wee extras as well. And you do not have any worry what so ever.

About any more adulting to do – or any adulting that can’t be done until another day for whatever reason – i.e waiting for responses from others – that can be chased up on a monday where it is acceptable to be a little more persistent.

The weekend is your time to just be.

Which, after working for all my weekends for nearly 10 years I love my weekends. 

I love to be able to do what I want and spend time with my friends, family and Jack. 

Thankfully this time because I needed to do a fast photoshoot I managed to do a little bit of both – see my mum and get photos – I have a very understanding boyfriend who I get to spend time with – who is there when I am editing photos – I can still talk when I edit photos – I just cant look. 

Its when I am typing up one of these blog posts that I can’t talk or do much aside from what I am doing. 

I am pretty damn lucky that I have the people in my life that I do – that help me with my blogging venture and don’t make me feel bad for having to do what I have to do.

Although in all honesty as much as I love them and appreciate their time, I needed to find a way to do shoots on my own – hence why I am looking into buying a drone! 

What do you think? Do you have a drone? Would you be on the same page as me that a drone is the best piece of equipment to take solo photos? 

In conclusion…

Simply put – adulting is a necessary evil – that can gain great satisfaction when it is all done. 

Adulting can be overrated when it is done to excess. That like most things in life – can end up a detriment to your life and mental well being. 

A bit of spontaneity is needed – this is the living life part that everyone strives for. 

I love being random, but I also like structure. I love having a messy room – to an extent – but I also love the times I just go crazy and have a mad clear up and re arrange everything. 

I envy those that have minimal showroom homes – but I know that isn’t me so I could never have a home like that – but I appreciate it none the less.

I like what I like, but I am who I am – even though I think adulting is overrated it is needed. 

What do you think? 

Thanks for reading as always my lovelies. 

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