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My first collaboration with friends…

As in with my tempo tea girls – my first collaboration and first gifted products… and it was with my friends! 🙂  

When JL asked me to help with a fitness shoot for Tempo Tea I was very excited!

I have been on a long and somewhat rollercoaster ride of my fitness journey and my friends asking to help them out was a lovely and much welcomed surprise.

They asked me about a month in advance – which was amazing because it gave me a chance to get into prime fitness shape – for me. 

I had slowly been letting myself slide cause I’ve been procrastinating. I haven’t been as consistent with my gym attendance or tracking my calories accurately. 

Therefore this request gave me a massive kick in the butt to get back on track with my fitness gains. 

What I did to prepare?

I firstly consulted with my PT – Scott Craig of DC Fitness. I’ve been going to him on and off for over a year. 

When I didn’t have a job I couldn’t afford to have him but now that I have a full time job I can get back into a routine and he helps me get some structure back. 

He recommended – for my body type and activity level to go on a 100 calories lower when I am not at the gym and a 100 calories more when I am training. 

Which helped me – I definitely lost the excess weight that I gained when I lost track. But I think that its partly due to stress as well. I’ve been under a lot recently and when that happens to me I tend to just bury myself into work, side projects and I forget to eat properly. 

In fact I hadn’t seen Jack in 4 days because I have been so busy with work and the gym, and the first thing he said to me when he saw me was ‘woah you look smaller!?’ 

Ahaha I wasn’t sure if he was being overly dramatic or I had lost a lot of weight. If it was as noticeable as that then thats not always a good thing. Weight should be lost gradually just like muscles HAVE to be gained gradually. 

Which leads me to believe that I am more stressed than I realise…






How was the shoot?

The shoot was so, so much fun. Although I wasn’t feeling very well. I’ve been really run down and the fact that work doesn’t have its heating working has left me feeling really, really ill.

As I keep saying … my body is just not built for the cold weather.

I am half peruvian and my body is punishing me for being in this cold climate…I joke about this because every year without fail I get ill because of the cold weather.

I get aches in my bones because I’m so cold. 

Its annoying – but unless I move somewhere warm I’ll just to try and prepare for it as best as I can!

Anyways I was already feeling under the weather before the shoot began – but was thankful it was inside so I wasn’t too bothered. 

The gym shoot was with Connull Drummond… you may recognise him as my previous photographer for multiple shoots. And it was fun to see and work with him again.

Only this time it was with a group of people – which I have never done before.

It was quite interesting, seeing how other people are like in front of the camera, how it is to arrange yourself with other folk and interacting together. 

I did a mini workout whilst I was there. And this was all done using the new Tempo gym tshirts. They are so soft – a little bit big on me and not too flattering when it isn’t tied up. 

However I can imagine this would look could when going for a run or wearing casually with high waisted jeans and trainers with a black beanie hat…. ahaha am so excited to get it dressed up with my day to day outfits. 

What was I gifted?

I was gifted with a gym tempo t-shirt and an oversized anti teabag teabag club t-shirt. 

I am actually wearing the oversized t-shirt now! It’s quite soft and comfy on and I think this will be my baggy pjs when am wanting to shove something on.

OR wear it was a waist belt, ankle boots and I actually think this outfit would like good with cycle black shorts or mesh shorts! Omg that would be really nice… ok I wish I ordered that in before I did my outfit idea flatlay.

I was also gifted another product to try out for them as some sort of beta testing. I am not sure if am allowed to reveal it yet – so bear with me while I get the permission to do so and then I will – I don’t want to annoy anyone until am sure what I can say! 

In conclusion…

I love working with a group of people – I love seeing how others pose and how they interact with people for group shoots. 

I am a massive fan of Tempo – always have been since it first opened. 

The reason why I love bubble tea so much is because when I made my first solo trip to Australia my friend NR made me try Taro milk tea with tapioca for the first time and once I had – I went back to it every other day until I went back to Scotland. 

So Taro milk bubble tea has a very special place in my heart – that and the girls that work/own it are some of the loveliest bunch around – love you MG and JL.

I was gifted 2 tshirts. And I was also given another product to help with which I’ll reveal once I’ve been given the ok. 













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