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Is getting a sick line at work a silent taboo?



That is something that is up for debate … is getting a sick line off work is deemed as a negative or a silent taboo? 

What does taboo even mean?

It is a word that everyone knows – as in all honesty I am not sure if I even need to explain the meaning of taboo. 

We all know what taboo means don’t we?

Forbidden, dark… unsavoury.

Those are the few words that first pop into my mind when I think of ‘taboo’ … or it could be because I have a very dirty mind and whenever I think of taboo I just go to that side of it. 

But in actually fact the meaning of taboo is this;

1. proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable.

2. prohibited or excluded from use or practice”

So it isn’t just something sexual and forbidden but it is something that is a generally deemed societal impropriety.

Although this is all subjective – how can we say one societal norm is the dictating factor on what is or is not ‘improper’ .

However this is something that I am going to try and explain my views on it within the working community.

Why am I talking about a sick line?

As you guys may have already noticed – through my lack of social media activity and recent posts I haven’t been feeling very well.

I noted in my previous post ‘readjusting dynamics…’ that my new job was basically taking me time to get used too.

I wanted to get into a new routine as quickly as I could. After two to three months of no work left me desperate to settle into a new job and still maintain my outside commitments – like my gym, blog, researching and adulting duties. 

I laugh at that post – I said I would give myself a month to readjust and I would be fine…. which is laughable. 

It takes longer than a month to get into a new habit (does anyone else remember gym shark’s 66 challenge? ) and you need to give your body time to adjust to the new situation its in. 

I am talking about a sick line because I got a two week one from my doctor the other day – and I am half terrified, half relieved. 

Terrified cause I’ve never had to take such a long sick line before – and I need to get blood tests done, just in case. My doctor says I could have glandular fever, which isn’t too bad. I just need to rest and take it easy. 

Which is frustrating cause it combats one habit I worked so hard to acquire – my gym bug one. 

I’ve worked for years to get to that level where not only do I want to go to the gym but I feel like I HAVE too. Like it is my go-to place to destress and centre myself. 

This means my sick line makes me feel frustrated cause its a bit counter productive to go to the gym to push yourself when you need to rest and recuperate. I can’t do both can I? 

I know I said I was half relieved and half terrified but I realised my feelings aren’t as simplified as that; its more quarter terrified, quarter frustrated, quarter relieved and quarter grateful. 

I am both relieved and grateful because I was running myself into the ground… I was always tired… my throat and head were sore. I am talking on the phones all day so having a sore throat makes talking sooooo much harder. That and since there is a limited amount of time you get to head to the toilet I didn’t want to drink too much water. 

I basically need a break.

I need time to relax and get fully better.


When you are in a confined space where everyone is getting ill, where you are freezing one minute (there was a full day when the boiler wasn’t working and the whole building was absolutely freezing , I had one 3 layers on time and my hands were still like icles) or absolutely boiling … which I love but since I’m ill being too hot is bad… its not a good environment to get better in when your feeling unwell. 

I am so grateful for the much needed time off to recover.

So relieved that I can take a step back and relax without the stress or worry of going into work. 

 However… I have never had a sick line for two weeks before… and the over thinker in me is getting paranoid… what if there is something seriously wrong with me? What is it isn’t glandular fever? What if it’s something else? 

Anyone else get like that? 

Why would it be considered taboo at all to get a sickline?

Because taking any time off work isn’t good for business.

Pure and simple.

Work is all about being present and generating income that makes you a valuable candidate for the business. 

Cause I’ve taken 2 weeks off work to get better does that mean that I am not a valuable asset to my work and therefore I will be reprimanded?

In theory that shouldn’t be the case… but reality is a lot different. I remember when I worked in retail and I got my first ever sick line (it was for a week.) and my manager made me feel so guilty about taking it that I asked to come back to work earlier than my sick line. 

That didn’t go down too well… cause it was MY fault for getting a sick line in the first place so I HAD to take a full week off. Much to the detriment of her and the teams workload. 

This made me feel so guilty. The downside about working in a small team is that when one person is off then it has a huge knock on effect on your team, and when you have a few friends in it you feel extra guilty. 

This made me reluctant to take another sick line again.

However after the third time I burst into tears at work I thought no… I need to take some time out. I need to get better. It was everything getting on top of me, my throat, my head, how cold/hot I was, the stress, the aches combined with the screaming at on the phones was not helping with my illness. 

I know I wasn’t right when I realised how much weight I lost despite not keeping on top of my calories – I don’t think I was going too much over -but I definitely was going over. 

I loose weight when I am super stressed. 

In theory getting a sick line is necessary, but if it happens across more than 4 weeks then the employer can legally dismiss you. Which is a scary thought…

In conclusion…

I am quite ill. 

I got my first every 2 week sick line and overthinking the implications of that. 

I am both happy and nervous about being off for 2 weeks… I need to get better but I also don’t want to let my team down. 

Getting a sick line… that adds up to anything over 4 weeks at a time is probably a silent taboo – as it opens you up to potential dismissal.

What do you think guys? how do you feel about getting a sick line? 

Thanks for reading 



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