How I Style Sale Steals: The LFW Inspiration…

Aaaand its back! My triple S. And with LFW (London Fashion Week) happening I thought I would try and find bargains inspired by Fashion Weeks street style ideas. I picked out three LFW Inspiration outfits… let me know what you think. 

The Denim Co Ord

The first aspect that caught my eye was the white ankle boots combo with the denim co ord. 

I have a couple of denim skirts and cropped jacket combos. And I never thought about combing them with the white ankle boots trend… not sure why. My mind just didn’t go there.

So when I spotted this it was like an ‘a ha!’ moment. Which I know sounds ridiculous cause its just a style combo that I never thought of… but in all honesty ideas like that excite me.

I like trying out new styles – that not only do I feel comfortable with but suit me.

I loved the colour on her but I picked out something a little brighter – can’t beat a little bit of orange right? *cough Forever Betty reference cough*.

When I pick out outfits I either like everything to kind of match up together – or to completely contrast. It depends on my mood.

My logic behind picking the “Fuck Monday’s” t-shirt to go with the co ord is because the orange matches the colour scheme and the whiteness of the t-shirt ties in the ankle boots.

Plus I love adding in a bit of the 80s feel cause the skirt looks a bit 80s to me.

If you want to check out more of her looks then check out her instagram feed.






Mixing Grey with Colour

I love, love grey… I went through a phase were all I bought was grey tops, dresses and jumpers and then use bright jewellery as a pop of colour to liven it up.

My go-to bright colours for jewellery was neon pink or orange. Or I went through a phase of turquoise accessories. Actually… how nice would a turquoise coat look with this? Not as bright granted but it would look nice with this look.

So when I saw this I instantly fell in love.

I did a post called “Winter is here…” where I expressed my love of long coats – especially coloured ones to break away from the societal uniform of blacks and neutrals during winter. 

So in my bid to keep adding to my wardrobe by introducing new products to go with my old ones I wanted to put this in.

Not only does this outfit stand out with the coat and greys but it also looks super cosy and comfortable to walk around in.

I love how fashion is getting more practical – I can’t wear heels all day. And in the winter wearing heels, I feel, either takes great skill or is an accident waiting to happen. Think of lots of falling, skidding, breaking of things and all that calamity that comes with it.

I didn’t put in the hat because the types of hat she has on does not suit me. I’ve tried that on and I just think I look weird. It just doesn’t suit my face or my head shape.

I was thinking of adding a beanie here but then I think that is enough grey in an outfit – plus if you have dark hair like me then it adds to the tone of the look.

Check out her instagram feed here.


The Urban Shirt Dress

The reason why I’ve called this one the urban shirt dress because I don’t know about yous but whenever I think of a shirt dress I think of either a tailored look or something formal and fancy.

Thats why I love it when I saw what Cheristyle did with this shirt dress. In fact I love the fact it even looks like a mens shirt she’s styled into this.

I love it when women take mens clothing and turns it into their own just as I love it when men take women’s clothing and turn it into their own.

Crossing over boundaries and styles always fascinates me.

Anyways as much as I love her outfit I am not a massive fan of the knee high boots – on her yep looks amazing – on me? Nope.

I am quite short and I work out a lot so the last thing I would want to do its hide what I’ve word hard on – my legs or to be more specific my calves. I think knee high boots just makes me look shorter and stumpier than I actually am.

Now getting back to this outfit I am a massive fan of waist belts and I really like how she’s used this bum bag as a way of bringing in the oversized shirt.

I couldn’t find a purple shirt so I ended up picking a different colour all together. If you guys can find a purple one just let me know!

Check out her instagram feed here.






Hope you guys liked the second instalment of Style Sale Steals… if you want to check out the first one here it is. These are ones I actually bought. I couldn’t buy these ones because of time… and trying not to get rid of my 4 bags of clothes before I add to my wardrobe.

Thanks for reading as always lovelies.


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