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Clubbing without Make up on…

Now… I’ve done this a few times.. clubbing without make up on and it feels … so damn liberating. 

I’ve done this a few times. 

But after last nights adventures with JS to Berkleys, Delmonicas and Polo. (Documented some of it on my instagram stories – check  it out if you can. I apologise for my horrible singing in advance.)

I realised I’ve gathered enough data to accurately report back on how it feels like. That sounds so clinical… because in a way it is. 

I was worried that it would only feel a certain way once or twice – or because I felt one way when I was single and another way when I was in a relationship. 

Turns out … the feelings are slightly different. But one feeling is still the same with both – that feeling of freedom.

Of feeling liberated, unrestricted. 


Make up free nights out – when I was single

I can’t remember specifics night outs for this one – because it was a while ago. I should’ve jotted down notes at the time. I never really know what my blog posts are going to be about they usually start off as random thoughts that I feel the need to write about once they plague me enough. I think right I have to share this with people too!

I’ve been with Jack for about 6 months now. So there weren’t as many nights out without make up as there was when am in a relationships.

I find going to places like berkeley’s, SWG3, Polo, Delmonicas, pubs in general are quite no-make up friendly.

By that I mean it isn’t unusual to see girls without make up on on a daily basis in these places. Which makes me feel less self conscious going with out make up on. 

First of all I’d like to state that I touch my face a lot, like a lot. I am quite expressive and am very handsy. I am quite an animated talker – especially when am drunk.

The first time I went out without make up I was very nervous – I felt very vulnerable, exposed – yet invisible. 

It was a very strange feeling. I felt like I wasn’t glam enough to get attention from men/anyone and felt quite self conscious going bare faced. Revealing all my natural imperfections.

But fortunately… alcohol makes things a little bit better as the more I got into enjoying my night out, talking to my friends I just felt this sense of freedom. 

I felt liberated that I could go on a night out, without worrying about looking the perfect start to finish make up look – I usually end up with smeared eye make up, patchy lipstick.. or make up staining my lighter clothing. 

The first time I went naked faced it was all of the above, and alcohol helped, however after the 2nd or 3rd time I went make up free I didn’t need the alcohol as much. The 2-3 day hangovers just weren’t worth it. 



Make up free nights out – now that am in a relationship.

After going out on Saturday night with JS and the crew, I realised how much I loved being make up free. I find its soooooo much fun and have a lot more time to chat to friends.

And to tidy my room, I dunno about you guys but when I get ready for a night out I start with a tidy(ish) and neat(ish) room to a bomb site… which is awful to come back to after a night out.

I usually just end up sleeping on the corner of my bed around all the stuff I’ve shoved on it. It gets… super crowded. 

I realised that when I didn’t wear make up I wasn’t as striking as I potentially could be with some cool eye make up (Thanks urban decay heat palette and youtube videos that show you a step by step process of it.)

And I felt like very secure and safe. It was such a weird feeling to have – safe and secure.

I am, like everyone, am easily hurt be rejection. For me, the most anxiety ridden activity of a night out, is the feeling of rejection. The laughs when you talk to a member of the opposite sex and they don’t even bother to give you a polite conversation but walk away. The blatant ignoring when you were just asking to squeeze by… the 3rd wheel/5th wheel feeling when your friends are getting chatted up and your chilling.

Sometimes stealing drinks when your pals are getting them bought and are too busy flirting to drink them (your welcome. ahaha).

The older I got this easier it got to go make up free on a night out. I’m not sure if its maturing, getting my self confidence up, being in the best physical shape I’ve ever been or meeting Jack. 

When I got a boyfriend I still like to wear make up on nights out. Just not as much.

I like knowing that I am liberating my face. I end up with some interesting conversations with new people – which I genuinely enjoy. I love talking to people and listening to stories or discovering new pieces of information.

I know I’ve spoke about Jack a lot in this part of the blog post, but having such a considerate and caring boyfriend is factored into my feelings towards going naked faced on nights out. 

In conclusion…

Going make up free when single can be hard on the anxiety levels. It can feel super exposing and bring out some vulnerability in yourself.

Although the more you do it, the better it becomes. And can be quite empowering to know that you are in the minority that has the confidence to go out out without the armour of make up. 

Its weird because that confidence feeling that gradually happens when you start not wear make up on a night out is similar if not the same as when you put amazing make up on/getting a full face of make up done. 

The reason why I say both because I don’t want to put down those that do wear make up, cause good for them!, and not wearing make up can both be equalling empowering and make you feel your oats, 100%. 

Not wearing make up when your in a relationship – especially with a supportive boyfriend – can feel incredibly secure.

I love knowing that when I come back from a night out without any make up on or wake up the next day hungover and Jack pops round he still calls me pretty. Even though everyone damn well knows that being hungover is never, EVER, a good look. He makes me feel pretty.

Feeling pretty without wearing make up is the hardest thing, whether your single or in a relationship. 

Feeling pretty/good when your single is an amazing achievement, cause your looking inward but feeling that way when your in a relationship can be just as good. 

What am trying to say is, its easier to feel empowered with no make up on when your in a relationship but its potentially more important to feel that way when you aren’t wearing make up on when your single. 

What do you think?


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