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Random Acts of Kindness…

I’ve seen these across my facebook feed. Whilst they are amazing it just seems so surreal. That can’t actually happen to me, can it? Well heres my story of a random act of kindness

What happened?

This weekend I am in Aberdeen visiting my mum, with Jack. 

As usual I am running behind completing/starting this weeks blog post so I decide I’ll bring my laptop with me to work on it during the train ride to Aberdeen (it’s several hours so I’d planned on getting a first draft done during the journey. Seems reasonable right?).

Apparently that wasn’t meant to be the case.

On Fridays my work shift is 8am to 4pm, on Thursdays my shift is 9am to 8pm. This Thursday I had a crappy day so I decided to make myself feel better by having a quick full body gym workout.

By the time I drove home it was about 10ish so whilst I cooked dinner I caught up with my flatmate Caz ,I then had to plan and pack my outfits for Aberdeen. (My other plan is to use this time, away in Aberdeen, to get at least 2 outfit shoots done so I can have photos for this weeks and next weeks blog post.)

So after that I didn’t get to bed/sleep until well after midnight – to get up at 6am to get ready for work and drive back for my 8 hour shift at work. Which lasted forever as the last thing I want to be doing on a Friday is getting yelled at on phones.

I had my suitcase in the car so I could just drive straight to my local train station to head into Glasgow city centre.

Get there about 5ish think woohoo I have plenty of time – loving it.

Collect Jack’s and my train tickets for Aberdeen at the the collection machine. Then waiting for my tickets to get into city centre – just as I enter in my PIN the train is coming in.

Grab the tickets and run on the train.

As am sitting down looking out the window I get a facebook message request from Allan. Asking me if I left my MacBook at the original station…

Here is me thinking mmmm weird… that is a random scam that I haven’t heard of.

As I look down at my suitcase I notice that the cable to charge my MacBook is hanging out. Shit. I HAVE lost my bloody MacBook. 

Message Allan frantically back. 

Not only does this Allan message me to let me know he has my MacBook safe and sound but he is willing to initially wait for me at the original train station for me to go back and get it. 

A mad dash out the train at Bellgrove station to jump on the train back to my original one – to find out I got on the wrong train and am now heading to Duke street. Cry on the train on the phone to Jack a kind passerby on the train calmly explains to me I can walk back to Bellgrove – how it isn’t that far.

I thank him profusely.

Message Allan to let him know I am running back to bell grove to get the train back to my original station – he asks me if I want him to drive to Bellgrove to hand me back my mac… I couldn’t believe my luck. 

After my half run/power walking to Bellgrove I was just standing at the top of the stairs catching me breath. 

Then Allan appears, waves at me and pulls over a little bit down. I run to the car and he has my mac ready to hand over. When I asked him if he wanted anything in return he says don’t be silly! When I messaged him to ask him for his PayPal details so I could transfer over him some money. 

His reply was ‘its fine this is my good deed for the day’ 

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t stay to question it too much because I had to make sure I made my train into town to get to my other train to Aberdeen. 

I was shaking all the way from Bellgrove to Queen Street to waiting for Jack outside Queen Street to walking to Tempo. Literal shakes.

My head was pounding, my face was tear streaked.  I couldn’t believe it.


Random Acts of Kindness have been scientifically proved to increase positive hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin.

As soon as that happened I thought right I definitely have to write this weeks blog post on Allan’s random act of kindness. This was such a random turn of events to not think about or mull over… or in my case write about. Its been nearly 48 hours since it and I am still mind boggled. To be honest I’ll probably still be mind boggled for some time. 

I don’t think I’ve stated this before – but my mac has a guest login. Jack uses my laptop for stuff so to ensure he doesn’t accidentally delete things or move my stuff around I create this guest login which you do not need a password to get in. This is something that I’ll change. 

So he technically could’ve easily accessed my mac without any need to get extra help to get into it. I genuinely feel the most luckiest women right now… so damn lucky. 

I wanted to look into more and understand why he would do it. Or how I knew sharing the story would help bright some peoples day.

I knew instinctively cause thats what I feel when I see on my facebook or instagram feed random acts of kindness stories.

It gives me a little bit of faith, in keeping my outlook on life more positive than negative… as its always a balancing act between the two.

In my researching phase I came across the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, or as they more commonly go by ‘RAK’, who strive to make this a kinder world.

They do an explanatory video on the Science of Kindness which highlights the benefits of random acts of that.

I’ve put the link for the page that goes into it above. But the main point I want to get across is that it increases Serotonin, the feel-good chemical that helps calm you and makes you happy.

In this fast paced world, where there is an increasing level of FOMO or NGAF the ability to keep calm and be happy can be  a rare feat. I think the increasing need for this is reflected in the rise in calming/meditating apps that the

I know I find it hard sometimes. I don’t have the ability to keep calm, I have a certain level of ability to compartmentalise aspects of my life into boxes. To an extent.  

This random act of kindness hopefully made Allan feel brilliantly because he has honestly made my year. My whole life is on my laptop, well that may be over exaggerating, but with my blogging life? Most definitely is all on here. 

I have no back up system in place for my blogging materials. After the incident where Jack spilled beer over it I should’ve but it just seems to be another adulting thing on my list that gets pushed further back and back whilst I put forward other stuff to do.

Like today. I could’ve spent the day, after my afternoon coffee with some family members I could’ve spent this time backing up my stuff but because writing this blog post takes priority as its due tomorrow. This comes first. 

Another point that I’ve seen with the RAK page is that it has been scientifically proven to lower your stress levels – this means that ‘kind people have 23% less cortisol (stress hormone)’ which, for someone that suffers from severe anxiety that could be a huge benefit. 

I know people with such bad anxiety – mine isn’t that bad. But it can get pretty intimidating or debilitating. 

My stress can get the better of me, sometimes, and causes me to have severe headaches or weight loss. 

I love the thought of the ‘pay it forward’ movement or as I like to call it the ‘ripple effect’ (Taken from Pocahontas – the wise willow tree) and the thought of one act of kindness, either seen or heard or read, can cause a knock on effect and then encourage others to do a small/big act of kindness to others it just keeps the cycle on going.

In conclusion…

A random act of kindness can spread. It is scientifically proven to make yourself feel better, increase love hormones, to increase life span and to help lower stress levels.

I am not going to lie I’ll probably remember this act of kindness for a very long time. 

Probably because the panic and utter devastation is still crystal clear in my mind. I remember the feeling of helplessness, the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. How I didn’t even care nor realise how loud or hysterical I was being to passersby. 

I am so grateful to Allan, so thankful that he considered giving me my mac back as one of his good deeds of the day. 

And the science behinds it proves that ultimate benefits of random acts of kindness. 

Have you ever done/received random acts of kindness?

Thanks for reading as always lovelies 





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