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Why I love Sex and the City inspired Cocktails and catch ups…

Ever since I watched Sex and the City growing up I have always envisioned myself with 3 friends having a good fruity cocktail and catching up on each others news. The double C’s – cocktail and catch ups or coffees and catch ups.

Was anyone else obsessed with Sex and the City? Or SNTC?

I used to have to watch SNTC in secret. Like a hidden taboo. I remember it being on late on a Friday night. I used to have to initially watch it in secret because my mum didn’t want me watching ‘inappropriate’ content. 

Which tbh SNTC isn’t inappropriate at all. Not by todays standards. Maybe back that it was because sex was in the title?

Anyways I am unsure of the widespread implications of SNTC I just know my mm didn’t want me watching it. 

But I did.

I was blown away by how stylish Carrie was, or how prim and proper Charlotte was, or funny and quick witted Miranda was but the main character that blew me away was Samantha.

Her take charge attitude and unapologetically me response to situations was aspirational to me. I actually used to want to be a PR professional. 

I wanted to be that bold and feel that desired when I grew up. Baring in the mind this is coming from an awkward, shy girl who hadn’t had much experience with boyfriends or anything like that.

I thought Samantha was a badass woman who knew who and what she wanted and went for it. I admire that.

It isn’t very me, but I admire the straight forwardness and confidence of it all. 

All the characters, upon reflection, had good and bad traits. Which made them likeable and relatable. They definitely made me like some more than others. 

I also thought Charlotte was a little bit prissy and up herself. But she that had a genuinely kind heart and all she wanted was the best for herself and her friends.

Miranda I initially thought was a bit of cold hearted bitch that was always so cruel to Stevie or Spencer or indeed any guys that dated her. But I remember reading somewhere (I think it might have been cosmo?) that if SNTC were to get a remake it should be done from the perspective of Miranda as she is the modern day protagonist … and I completely agree.

And finally Carrie… I now just think her character is a right moany cow. Its so weird when you rewatch old tv series that you used to be obsessed with. Like in my blog post The Style Icon; Phoebe buffay of… I realised when I re watched FRIENDS I no longer identified with Rachel – which I so venomously did when I was younger. 

I am such a Phoebe its unreal. Probably why I named my cat Phoebe. She is similar to me.  

The same goes with Carrie, I was so supportive of her journey and what she has done. But now I think that its annoying she was the main character cause it probably should’ve been either Samantha or Mirandas perspective. 

Why cocktails and catch ups? Why not coffees and catch ups?

I know this isn’t a question that you would think to ask – because why would you? But I bring it up because the pressures to drink are getting out of hand and there should be alternative options to follow that doesn’t involve drinking. 

So hence why I am putting in coffee catch ups as well as cocktail catch ups. I love to do both in general so its fun. Or alternatively you could just get mocktails. Pretend you’re joining in when, in fact, you are still sticking to your sobriety or calorie deficit whatever your reasoning is. 

Cocktails, or drinking in general, especially on a sunny days just makes it that much better. 

But the coffee and catch up is in my mind a winters activity. Where you want to keep warm, alert and also it is still an alteration which I find very appealing. 

Anyways its summer, its easter weekend so lets talk about cocktails!!

I love, love, love cocktails. I love fruity, almost like juice type cocktails that are deceptively alcoholic. Hence why with them you really need to just sip and chat rather than down them and dance. 

Plus I dunno if it because of my SNTC obsession but I find cocktails the height of sophistication and a drink that I feel like a proper adult drinking it. I think thats just me? Or it could be because they not only look good but taste so damn good as well. I always get so excited whenever I am a place where I can get a cocktail, or two, or probably three. 

The other drink is wine, but unfortunately I haven’t acquired that particular taste. (How do you guys do it!? I think it just taste like vinegar or just taste bleeeeh).


My top fave cocktails?

My fave cocktail of all time is the cosmopolitan. Its light fruity and alcoholic as hell. It usually contains vodka, cointreau and cranberry juice. Because its a builder you don’t need a mixer for it which is good cause I tend to make these at home after I’ve come home from a  particularly hard day at work. 

I am not sure if that is the correct term for those kind of cocktails but when i used to work in bars we called cocktails that didn’t need to be shaken as builders; you just put the parts together and serve in a cooled martini glass.

Pornstar Martini – I love this one cause it has a shot with it. Which I tend to pour over the passionfruit. I dunno why lol I feel like it soaks it up and therefore its like a wee alcoholic fruit after wards once you’ve finished the actual drink.

Pina coladas – is a sweet cocktail made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut flavourings/milk. This is just a yummy sweet rum tasting cocktail. 

Woo Woo – another builder classic its a little bit similar to a cosmo but a little bit less alcoholic, generally. Some places do different combinations for classic cocktails.

White Russian – this is a milky one – made famous by the big lebowski I love a good white Russian. I have seen it made with either a Kahlua or Tia Maria. Both are quite nice with milk and hot chocolate powder. 

There are obviously loads and loads of cocktails out there but these are my faves that I go back to time and time again when I am unsure of what else is on the cocktail menu. 

In conclusion…

I loved SNTC, I still do. The fashion stylist of the show, Patricia Field is amazing. I love how she styled each character to their individual personality. It was so inspiring to see their personality reflected in their clothing. 

That you can be yourself and show that through your clothing and style. Probably one of the first inclinations of me wanting to be a blogger or fashion forward.

I love cocktails, very much. Especially fruity ones, with the odd milky ones here and there.

What kind do you like? 




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