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My first extensive self care treatment; Laser Hair Removal.

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I have been thinking of getting this done for years. Laser hair removal  would mean never ever having to shave again….or is it?  

What is laser hair removal?

It is termed a cosmetic procedure that uses a powerful laser or ‘intense pulsed light’ (IPL) to remove unwanted hair. 

The heat from this light destroys hair follicles in the skin., which disrupts hair growth. 

It is most effective on women with pale skin and dark hair. 

The above statements I got from NHS website. If you want to know more check it out here. 

I went to Signature Clinic on West Regent Street for it. I happened to have bumped into one of the surgeons who works there through MG.

So I thought… fuck it. I’m turning 30 in 4 weeks might as well tick another thing off my ‘want to do …’ list. 

This isn’t exactly a set in stone list its more like notions I have had for several years that pop in and out of my mind.

Never shaving my underarms would be on the top of that list. I hate shaving them.

I am not sure about you guys. 

But whenever I shave my underarms I would get a few in grown hairs or it would grow back quite thick. Which is quite surprising because the legs on my hair and everywhere else are quite thin. 

Anyways back to the Signature Clinic. A girl called Amy works there and she was explaining the different types of laser hair removal – she said laser removal is for thicker hair whilst IPL is for thinner ones and less painful. 

Can you guess which one I would’ve preferred to have gone for? 😀 

What I did before hand…

I initially went for a tester consultation where Amy tested the machine on my skin … on my arm which in all honesty I didn’t feel anything. 

Which I was excited about, I thought yasss no more pain for me. But then Amy said that I should be able to feel it a little bit, for it to be as effective can be. Like an elastic band being snapped on you. 

So she upped the voltage and then did a patch test on the other arm. Which was fine until she got to a stray bit of hair. And it burned like fuck. 

So yep… I got the fear. 

My appointment was put back twice.

First of all because Amy was off sick, which in all honesty I was relieved. 

I was getting really nervous at the prospect of getting my underarms or legs lasered. I was debating between the two areas.

My initial thought is to get my underarms, legs, lower back and upper lip done. 

But when I thought about the actual pain involved I … well I bricked it. So when I got the notifications from C to say it would be postponed.

I breathed a sigh of relief. 

I thought thank fuck and then I went back to bed with Jack. I could think about that another day.

I am not very good with pain. I say that even though I have 2 tattoos and I want more, the thought of pain scares me.

So when it was postponed I am very much in the mind of right not today not my issue. 

The second time it was postponed it was my fault. I didn’t have enough time to attend the appointment as I had work commitments. I thought I didn’t need to stay longer at work but I had time to make up so needed to stay behind.

So when I called Signature Clinic to let them know I felt really bad. I was nervous like I was about to get scolded or something.

Which technically I know I shouldn’t be worried about because its silly but I can’t help it. Am a worrier! Just like my mum.

For instance if I don’t reply back to mum in a few days she then calls me a lot and sends me messages like are you alive? Ahaha which I find funny.

Anyways I digress… again.

I don’t like postponing things or saying I’ll do something and then I don’t. 

But anyways it was a good thing that I did call cause the girl on the phone told me what I needed to do beforehand. 

I need to shave the area I want lasered. Which I didn’t know/potentially forgot beforehand. I say potentially forgot because my memory is SHOCKING so if I didn’t write it down or put an alarm on I almost 9 times out of 10 will forget. So the girl let me know over the phone and told me to stay away from sun bed and fake tan before getting laser hair removal.

Which I didn’t know. Maybe?

Luckily for me I don’t go to the sun beds, as I am naturally tanned. 

So the second postponing was like a recon mission. So that was good! 




What happened during the laser hair removal…

I went in… sweating as I was power walking to West Regent Street from Glasgow Queen Street station.

And being warm and sweaty makes the laser hair removal a bit more painful according to this article in cosmopolitan.

Which would explain at lot of things. 

Anyways went in, sat down, chatted to C for bit and tried to quench this nervousness about the impending pain. 

I knew I would be fine, because I got my thigh tattoo done and it took Kaya a few hours – I needed a break in between it but I still managed. 

But C and Amy were reassuring and patient which when you are nervous it is very, very good to be around. Especially as Amy had it before so she was speaking from experience. 

So I got into the room and lay down, it was warm and relaxing atmosphere I was talking to Amy about potential weekend plans.

She brought over the dark glasses and I lifted my arm up so she could apply the cooling gel to my right armpit. 

Told her to let me know when she was about to start. So we did the count down…3..2…1… zap!

My left armpit was so much worse than my right one. 

I jumped, I was tense, and I swore. 

Apologised to Amy for swearing and assured her it wasn’t at her but at the pain. 

I apparently picked one of the most sensitive areas to start with, but at least I now know that it is the worst it can be. 

The fact is was literally over in a few minutes made it so much better. 

Was it painful? Yes.

Would I get it again? Of course. 

C said it would take up to 6 treatments so getting a block can work out a bit cheaper and when I need to top up once its cleared every year or so is a pretty good deal. 

Once I left the relaxing room and went back to the reception area Amy just reminded me to not apply fragrance deodorant to my armpits and that area my be tender for up to 24 hours so be careful. 

I left Signature Clinic feeling happy and excited. Happy cause I finally got it done and even though it was painful it wasn’t as sore as I had built it up in my mind. 

Excited because I was on my way to see Jack and I was wearing a cute outfit… which I got complimented on throughout the day so will arrange a shoot for it later 🙂 

In conclusion…

The fear on impending pain makes you panic and be relieved to postpone it.

The actually laser hair removal wasn’t as bad as in my mind. Still painful but not as painful as I expected. It genuinely does feel like a warm elastic band on your skin. 

I liked the countdown before the laser so I could mentally prepare myself. 

I will see how this goes, think about next time I get my armpits done I’ll extent it to my legs, lower back and upper lip – might as well get the whole haul?

Mmm Amy did say that the legs are no where near as bad as the armpits so who knows? 

Have you ever had it done? Whats been your experience? 


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